Hello and welcome to the Les Enfants blog. I am thrilled to be starting as Editor today and have a head full of ideas to share with you. As a parent of five children I have planned a party or two over the past thirteen years and still love finding new inspiration and ideas. Each week I will be sharing with you inspiration for a theme aswell as DIY decoration ideas, recipes for fab party food or drinks, party games or activities and real parties from the Les Enfants team, aswell as perhaps your own. So let’s get started with an inspiration board.

Toadstools are proving very popular in the world of childrens and even grown up interiors this year and they lend themselves well to parties aswell. Pictures of little red and white toadstools conjur up thoughts of fairies at the bottom of the garden and maybe a few pixies too. So for todays theme I am going to share inspiration for a Woodland Fairy theme.

It’s always good to start with invitations and there are some fantastic prinatables available from Etsy and other websites.  These can be personalised with all the party details and sent to you as a pdf file for you to print.  So no waiting on the postman to arrive with your parcel!

Most children love to dress up and I still have plenty of fairy costumes and fairy wings in our dressing up box.  Pixies could also join the fairies at your woodland fairy party or even a toadstool, using the fab tutorial from Disney for the toadstool hat below.
Decorations are very important and more and more thought is going in to decorating childrens parties, which is great news.  Let your imagination run riot and see how magical your party could be.  The trick to not overwhelming your small guests is to stick to two or three colours, as seen below red, white and pink work well together for this theme.  Perhaps you prefer the more natural textures and colour palette that a woodland surrounding offers.
Food is probably the most important thing at a party and it is easy to create a beautiful table full of sugary and healthier treats.  Again imagination is key, a simple marshmallow with a large slice of red apple on top can look like a toadstool.
I think many parents stand divided on party bags or favours.  I prefer to give one treat that the child can keep rather than a bag full of plastic mass produced toys that will soon be lost in the hoover or down the side of the sofa.  There are some beautiful gifts that would make perfect party favours as seen below.
So as Autumn starts to arrive and the leaves start to fall there is nothing stopping you having a Woodland Fairy party in your garden. 
Have fun