To complete our look at taking childrens books for party inspiration  I thought today I would share some of my childrens favourite spooky books, especially as Halloween is getting nearer, for costume inspiration.  Winnie The Witch and Funnybones are popular amongst my younger children, offering fun tales of witches and skeletons.  Whereas Harry Potter is a favourite amongst my older children and my eldest son and I have also enjoyed reading The Enemy by Charlie Higson, which is not for the faint hearted. 
I am sure if you celebrate Halloween your children are already planning their costumes. By taking inspiration from chilrdens book characters I’m sure you can create some fabulous Halloween costumes.  Thankfully if your sewing skills aren’t quite up to muster there are plenty of option on the high street or online.  I have rounded up a tiny selection of witches, skeletons, wizards and cats,  whether your child wants to be Mog of Meg & Mog or Hermione from Harry Potter there are plenty of options.
There are many costumes available and many are not too scary for younger children.  I will also be sharing some easy makes to help you create a Halloween costume next week. 
Have a fun weekend