Welcome back to the Les Enfants Parties blog where we bring you the very best in our wonderful bespoke children’s parties and more. In today’s blog entry we look to the Far East in one of our latest parties – a totally China themed party.

The most important holiday in the Chinese calendar, Chinese New Year heralds in the start of the New Year and all the excitement that the forthcoming year will bring. According to the Chinese Zodiac, each year in the Chinese calendar is associated with a certain animal and it is believed that the characteristics of the animal symbolise and bring certain types of both good and bad luck.

2018 is the year of the dog – an animal associated with loyalty, trust and romance. The symbolism and mystique of Chinese new Year was inspiration to our party stylists who set about creating a beautiful children’s themed Chinese New Year party. Working with the iconic colour scheme associated with China, rich reds and deep golds, we based our colour scheme from these wonderful colours.

chinese new year party ideas for childrenWe created a beautiful sweetie table, heaving with delicious goodies, that formed the centrepiece for the party. The backdrop was a specially commissioned sign that featured a welcoming ‘Happy New Year’ in the centre complete with two dogs, the animal of the year of course, on each side. In the centre of the sign, a soft outline of a tree with it’s leaves elegantly cascading downwards.

With a sign so beautiful we knew that we had to create something special to decorate the sweetie table. After all, we eat with our eyes as well!

The table was decorated in the traditional red of the event and highlighted with little golden touches. To make the table stand out we used a frilly red fabric, almost like a tutu on a ballerina, to add extra dimension and volume. Now, that part you’ve all been waiting for, the food!

Once again our teams created the spectacular with yummy treats that captured the joy of the occasion. Panda popcorn, crisp lantern and Lotus Flower shaped cookies decorated by hand with delicate pink icing and Happy New Year in Mandarin. Our custom wrapped chocolate bars proudly sat amongst the delights with red cake pops elegantly decorated with a sprinkle of gold befitting of the theme. Whatsmore, our custom made sweetie bags with their intricate Eastern themed design in red really set the tone for the party. The final touch on the sweetie table, two fluffy toy pandas inviting the little guests to enjoy the wonderful array of sweeties!



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