If you are familiar with our work here at Les Enfants, you will already know we love to get creative, don’t mind getting our hands messy, and can’t wait to get our glue guns out!  We don’t just wrap presents – we see them as little works of art!  Here are our top tips for how you can wrap your pressies like a pro.

Chalkboard Wrapping Paper

Chalk Board Wrapping Paper 

This is such a simple way to make your presents look handmade and chic!  Pick up some black, matt paper, such as sugar paper and, using a white chalk marker, doodle to your heart’s content!  Alternatively, you could go for white paper and use a plain black marker.  Either way, this works wonderfully!  Finish your wrapping with brown parcel string for a classic, monochrome look.

White present with berry detail

Using Plants –

Another of our favourite ways to finish presents is by tying a plant cutting under your parcel string. Perfect plants include eucalyptus, red berry sprigs, rosemary and even pine cones!  All of these plants can be picked up from your local florist or supermarket and come very cheaply.  This is a beautiful, minimalist way of bringing a touch of nature into your decoration.

Pom Pom Labels

Finish With Pom Poms

We really, really can’t get enough of pom poms.  They are so easy to make, and look gorgeous on just about everything.  Swap out ribbon for pom pom trim to give your gifts a playful, soft finish.  Or, whack a great big pom pom on top!  These lovely labels are by Twigs and Toadstool.

Scrabble TIles

Scrabble Tiles

Something as simple and affordable as a scrabble tile can give your present a unique, handmade touch. One way to use them is to glue them onto brown card labels, but, for an alternative touch, you could stick them directly onto wrapping paper to spell out your recipient’s name.  It you don’t want to mess up your scrabble set, pop onto amazon to pick up the tiles separately.

Mr Printables Neon Paper

Print Your Own –

What easier way to get your hands on unique wrapping paper than to print your own?  We love this gradiented pastel paper by Mr Printables.  He has kindly supplied a download link of the paper on his website, so you can download his design and use it for your own gifts.  We think this paper would look great with a neon pom pom trim.  (We did warn you we were a little bit obsessed with pom poms).

If you would rather pick up wrapping paper in a store, our absolute favourite places to buy include Anthropologie, and of course, Paper Chase.

Feather Cut Out Presents

Cut it Out!

These beautiful gifts are adorned with hand cut feathers.  This looks a little tricky, but with a trusty pair of scissors, some masking tape and gold paint you will be sorted.  Simply trace a feather silhouette onto your chosen paper and carefully cut.  When you have your feather, stick masking tape across the end of the feather.  To ensure the tape doesn’t rip your feather, stick it onto fabric, such as your clothing, a couple of times first – this will reduce it’s tackiness.  Then, paint on your gold!  Peel away the tape and voila!

So with those top tips, you too can wrap your presents like a pro!  Think outside the box, get creative, and when all else fails, whack on a pom pom.

Author – Hannah Coates