Welcome back to the Les Enfants Parties blog where we bring you the latest in our children’s parties that capture the imagination and celebrate the joys of, well, having a great party. In today’s blog, we look to our capital for inspiration in our London themed party. As children’s party planners in London, we often work and create our parties in our beloved capital. From the venues we choose to the aesthetics of our parties, London is a constant source of inspiration. We wanted to celebrate all things to do with the capital for this 1st birthday party, without further ado, check out our homage to this happening city.

Drawing inspiration from the icons of London


What better way to celebrate this iconic city than using its iconic symbols and imagery to theme our party. When you think of London, what do you think of? Big Ben, check. A black cab? Check! The bright, welcoming red phone boxes that dot the streets, check! We wanted to use the existing images that make London, well, London. The capital is positively brimming with ideas and we took the landmark images to make those special little touches. From double decker buses, red phone boxes and the tube we used London hallmarks to create little cards and signs that ran across both the colour scheme and styling. We simply loved to use the red, white and blue (surprisingly common in London!) to create individual cookies, a tube inspired cake (no delays we promise) and personalised napkins.

Colour Scheme

The national colours of the UK feature rather heavily in London. We created a central colours scheme around red, white and blue and used this to style the venue. From the balloons to the sweetie table, the napkins to the cups, we wanted to create a fresh and appealing colour scheme that said London without being too obvious.


The choice of venue represents a great way to get an understanding for the space and plan the transformation. The Bluebird, based in the heart of Chelsea, was the venue for this magical party. The airy and spacious location allowed us to use the natural lightening and openness of the venue to create a modern style with a firm nod to the existing, classical design. The deep, grainy wood contrasting beautifully with the bright colour palette. 

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