It’s very nearly the weekend – and what better way to get you in the Friday night mood than a whole ton of beautiful balloons! 

You shouldn’t be restricted to helium Elsa’s and dolphins.  There are so many wonderful, stunning things you can do with balloons!  Here are our favourite arches, bunches, models and banners to inspire you to think about our inflatable friends a little differently.

pink balloon arch

Floral Balloon Cluster

Balloon Arches and Bouquets

A balloon arch is a fabulous centerpiece – a great place for photos, and a wonderful entry or table decoration.  When you picture balloon arches, you might think of the perfectly aligned, corporate -logo adorned version.  We prefer the slightly messy, flower and tassel filled touch.

Whilst these stunning displays look tricky, if you have a creative eye, and a little patience, they can be a really fun project.  Here is a fantastic DIY guide on how to make your own arch.

Hot Air Balloon Centerpiece

Balloon Table Centerpiece

Table Centerpieces

Balloons make beautiful table centerpieces, and are a less formal, and (let’s face it), more fun option than flowers!

We love this Hot Air Balloon centerpiece, and the balloon cloud piece too.  The cloud is so easy to create – simply duct tape your balloons directly to your table – or, if preferred, a paper table cloth.  You can find a full ‘How To’ guide here.

Confetti Tassel Giant Baloon

Tasseled Giant Baloons

Giant Balloons –

Who doesn’t love a massive balloon?  There are so many different sorts available – coloured, pearl, marble, and confetti filled too.  There are lots of gorgeous ways you can decorate the anchoring of these balloons, using tassels, garlands, or even by using a weighted smaller balloon.  Again, these are fantastic for adorning sweetie tables, or to sit at the sides of grand entrances.

Flamingo Balloon

Balloon and Flower Numbers
Ballon Cake Sticks

Balloon Animals, Numbers and Letters –

Granted, that was a particularly complex balloon flamingo – but wasn’t it gorgeous?  It goes to show – balloon animals aren’t just for kids!  For a far simpler DIY balloon activity, try making these gorgeous balloon and floral number wall displays or these fun balloon cake letters.

All you need for the number display is water balloons (filled with air), flower off cuts, glue dots and masking tape.  Organise your balloons on your wall in your desired shape using glue dots to stick.  Fill in holes with tiny flowers for a shabby chic look.

DIY Gold Brush Paint Balloons

Palm Leaf Balloon

Hand Finished Balloons

We love the effect achieved from brushing gold acrylic paint onto balloons.  This is such an easy way to make a white, or clear balloon look that little bit more special.  We think these would look fantastic integrated into a balloon arch with plain balloons too!

Another great effect is to ‘decoupage’ your balloons.  This palm leaf motif would be fantastic for a Hawaiian theme party. 

Hooray Balloon Banner

Eat Cake Balloon Banner

Balloon Banners

Spell it out with balloons!  You can buy these fantastic balloon banners with tassel garlands here on etsy.  This shop also sells fantastic gold animal balloon weights too.

DIY Emoji Balloons

Emoji Balloons

A unique and fun twist on your typical helium shape balloon.  We LOVE these emoji balloons, and think they would be fab for a 10 – 12 year old’s birthday party.  Find them here.

So wether you are looking for the perfect balloon stylist, or would rather give it a go yourself, you can see there are lots of options and inspiration out there.  

Author:  Hannah Coates