If you are a regular follower of our blog, you will know how much we love a good book!  In the past we have reviewed Ashlyn Gibson’s ‘Creative Family Home’ and ‘Sweets Made Simple’ by Hope and Greenwood. Today we bring you our thoughts on a gorgeous book by Angel Adoree that has graced our shelves for quite some time – ‘The Vintage Tea Party’.

A wonderful blend of beautiful illustration, recipes and craft projects, ‘The Vintage Tea Party’ is a real treat for kids’ and adults’ parties alike.  The book begins by introducing it’s lovely author, Angel, owner of The Vintage Patisserie – a glamorous wedding and event company, originally founded in East London, now having relocated to a beautiful chateau in France.


From childhood, Angel was obsessed with vintage thrifting and bygone style.  She would spend her pocket money on vintage clothes and trinkets from car boot sales and second hand shops.  Over time, Adoree set up a vintage stall in Old Spitalfields market, progressing to open ‘The Angel A Vintage Experience’ in an East London School House five years later.  There, the fashion pack would come to listen to jazz, eat delicious food, and browse Angel’s vintage collection.

In 2006 ‘The Vintage Patisserie’, an online retail outlet and events company, was born.  Since then, Angel has been catering and event managing for clients including Paul Smith, Liberty’s and Kim Jones, and has been featured in countless publications including The Independant and Grazia.  After a very smooth appearance on Dragon’s Den, Adoree secured her first book deal, and brought us ‘The Vintage Tea Party’. As you can see, like many of our lovely featured companies, Angel is a very busy lady indeed!

The Vintage Tea Party

The book is divided into four sections; Brunch, Afternoon, Evening and Style.  What makes this book a little bit special is the fact that it covers every aspect of party planning, from finding the perfect location to prop sourcing.  Angel encourages you to use your home for a comfortable and relaxed evening, but also suggests you check out local cafes, the great outdoors, or even consider hiring a vintage bus!

There are even a range of stunning illustrated invitations for you to scan and print out, including this gorgeous green deer inspired piece, which we all love.  It seems a shame to pop it in the post when you could frame it!

Vintage Tea Party Page

‘Brunch’ is filled with stunning recipes, including Baked Apple Slices with Cinnamon Cream, Courgette Frittata and Asparagus Egg Custards with Parmesan Wafers.  There are also a selection of delicious juices, all recommended for serving in vintage tea cups, of course!  We love the sound of Ruby Delicious, a cherry red concoction, created from beetroot, celery, radish and apples.

This section also includes a range of great DIY projects, including how to decorate your own china, and even patterns for you to create your own vintage apron.  We think this could make a really charming party guide for older children who are looking for an afternoon tea inspired event.  It really lend’s itself to Alice and Wonderland, and would be a great guide to help you cater and style your event.

Vintage Tea Party Page 3

‘Afternoon’ is where things get really exciting!  This section is full of simple and delicious finger food, including Lollipop Jam Sandwiches, Filo Baskets with Stilton and Pear, and (perhaps the most tasty sounding) Lemon Scones with Lavender Cream.  Each recipe is very easy to follow, and Angel often offers up alternative flavour combinations and spins on each bake.

The whole book is filled to the brim with beautifully whimsical illustrations, each page adorned with tea drinking woodland creatures and antique pocket watches.  It is stunningly put together and really introduces you the joys of event planning!  We have been inspired and are itching to decorate a ‘Woodland Tea Party’ themed event.  We are envisaging children dressed in tea dresses, bow ties and monocles, sat around a beautiful wooden table in the middle of a forest.  Maybe when the weather improves?


‘Evening’ is more of an adult affair, think 24 Carat Oysters displayed on antique cake stands, towers of Croquembouche and Wild Hibiscus Champagne.  There are also a fantastic range of tea inspired cocktails, some of which we, obviously, had to test.  For business reasons.  

Our favourites were Green Jasmine Tea Bubbles – a champagne and jasmine green tea drink, decorated with frozen berries, and we loved the Saffron G and Tea shots too.  Who’s to say, you could supply tea cocktails for adult guests to get them in the spirit too?  Just make sure tea pots are clearly labeled, and out of reach of little fingers!

Vintage Tea Party Page 5

The final section, ‘Style’ is a fabulous guide to dressing the part.  Wether you be a 40’s starlet or a dapper gent, this chapter will sort you, from the top of your head to the tips of your toes! There is a wonderful hair and make up guide, giving you step by step directions for styles including The Classic Set, The Poodle and Victory Rolls.  There are also some fantastic vintage shopping tips, straight from Angel herself –

‘Remember: never neglect the men’s section as there is always potential for some darling shirt dresses.’

Whilst on the topic of gentleman, do not worry men, you have not been left out!  Adoree guides you through facial hair styles and talks you through the difference between a range of classic vintage shoes.  Remember gentleman, ladies always look at a man’s pair of shoes on their first meeting.  They should be stylish and (need we say it?) clean!

Vintage Tea Party Page 6

So there you have it!  A very enjoyable and whimsical ride through every element of your vintage tea party!  This book is a great read, and has a range of fantastic tips and recipes which are wonderfully nostalgic and made incredibly simple.

We have dusted off our tea cups and got our doilies at the ready!

Author:  Hannah Coates