I’ve noticed over the past few months that childrens story books are proving popular for birthday party themes.  My younger daughters would love a  Gruffalo party and I am sure an Elmer theme would work well for younger children.  However this idea is not so new as Winnie the Pooh has been popular for many years, especially for a first birthday party.
One popular choice at the moment is the fantastic tale of ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ by Eric Carle.  This story lends itself well to a party theme and a great excuse to get children to eat fruit!  Although I am sure they will also want the ice cream and cake that the caterpillar munches through on Saturday. 

Whilst party companies have a fantastic range of Very Hungry Caterpillar partyware there are also some amazing ideas to make your party even more special with lots of diy details. 

Obviously food is a big feature within this theme and there are lots of ideas you could use from the story when planning your party tea. 
This is such a fun theme to choose for a party.  Just imagine you could have giant fruit shapes made from strong card that chidlren could wriggle through to pretend they are the hungry caterpillar.
Have fun and enjoy your party, but I hope nobody has a tummy ache from all the food!