Happy October everybody!  Here at the Les Enfants office, we are all getting pretty darn excited.  We LOVE Halloween, and embrace it whole heartedly – we are party planners after all! 

It might take a little bit of persuasion to get your kids to put DOWN the Anna/Elsa costume, but boy, will it be worth it.  We have trawled the web to hunt down our most inspiring, and easy to achieve Halloween costumes for all ages (with a handy star guide as to DIY difficulty). Enjoy!


Ok, you will discover from the outset that the majority of these costumes are inspired by one of two of our great loves – fashion, or food.  Both, equally adored, and in no order of preference. Who doesn’t love a buttery croissant on a Sunday morning?  And what could possibly be cuter than a baby, dressed as a croissant?

Croissant Baby Costume

Although it might look complicated, this pastry is pretty easy to knock up. The croissant is constructed from rolled foam, spray painted in a delicious, buttery yellow, and fixed onto a baby carrier.  You can find a full guide as to how to make the costume on Oh Happy Day, one of our favourite blogs!


An artistic and fashion inspiration from every angle, Frida Kahlo is a wonderfully unique, edgy and feminine costume for any little one!  Whilst we have seen a few incredibly cool girls rocking the look last year, this is the first time we have spotted in on a baby – and how adorable is that?

Baby Frida Kahlo

To create this look, pick up a gorgeous boho dress from Little Moon clothing and accessorise with BABY SAFE jewellery (we will let you be the judge here, but dissuade against small beads or anything that will get tangled) and a flower crown.  Most florists will be happy to pop together a soft crown for your baby, and advise you as to safe flowers that will not irritate your baby’s skin.  Don’t forget to softly add the eyebrow detail with an eye pencil suitable for sensitive skin!


And back, in a swift swoop, to food.  We told you!  We adore this fried egg costume that we came across on My Poppet.  Another delicious looking outfit that will get a chuckle, this time for a little boy or girl.

Fried Egg Costume

The costume does take a little bit of sewing skill, and will use white and yellow felt.  You use one of your children’s garments, such as a jumper, as a guide to neck hole size, and basically create a massive eggy poncho, using yellow felt and toy stuffing to create a big, squishy yolk. Find the guide here, along with more useful advice on how to finish the outfit professionally.


Now for something so ridiculously cute it has got all of us cooing.  Carl from Up!  There is something about dressing babies as OAPS that is just brilliant, and Carl, is our favourite geriatric!  This costume is incredibly easy, and will only require a few additions to what you most likely already have in your child’s wardrobe.

Carl from Up

Simply dress your boy, or girl, in cords and a lovely cosy cardigan.  Add black glasses (we favour the free 3D ones you get at the cinema, just pop out the lenses), and tie balloons to the belt loop on the back of your child’s pair of trousers.  To create the cute zimmerframe, simply use plastic piping (available from DIY stores), and cut tennis balls.  Voila!  Cue tears. Hopefully from your guests, and not your kid.


And why not?  A jar of sprinkles is a delight at all occasions!  We love this costume, again by the incredible team at Oh Happy Day.  The impressive, and very kitsch, outfit is created from corrugated cardboard, plastic sheeting and balloons!  It is actually much more simple than it appears.

Jar of Sprinkles Costume

You start by creating a comfortable tube with arm holes out of corrugated cardboard.  Next, you create the cardboard lids, and attach light, plastic sheeting to each.  The tube is decorated with an ice cream printable and glitter letters, and filled with sausage balloons. Find the guide here.


An oldie, but a goodie.  One of our absolute favourite Tim Walker characters makes a fantastically gothic Halloween costume.  This beauty is made up of belts (collected from charity stores over the month), and black pleather sewn onto trousers and a t-shirt.

Edward Scissor Hands Costume

Next step – the scissor hands!  Find an old pair of black gloves and attach filed down knives to each finger using black electrical tape.  You will need to stuff the fingers with a little tissue paper or the knives will droop!  Finally, mess up your little one’s hair with wax, paint their face chalk white and add scars with pink paint.  Finish with black lips and shadows under eyes and you are good to go!  Find a detailed costume guide here.


Bringing a little Summer sun into our October with the yellow pineapple!  The costume is super simple to make, and actually bang on trend.  Create a cape out of a large yellow sheet of felt, and cut out a neck hole (again, using your child’s t-shirt as a guide to how big this should be). Use fabric paint to add triangle details to the cape for pineappley goodness.

Pineapple Costume

The hat, although it looks super effective, is simply a piece of felt stuffed and gathered over a piece of cardboard!  The tuft of leaves are cut from green felt, wrapped in a sausage and glued to the top of the hat.  Simple!  You can see a picture step by step guide here on Delia Creates to help you from start to finish.


A firm favourite in our ladies of fashion hall of fame, and another fantastic grey haired character to dress your kid as!  This one really is laughably easy, and will go down so, so well in fashion know it all circles!  First, you will need to find a really eclectic outfit.  We would reccomend visiting charity shops and hunting a bright, clashing prints (a printed ladies’ blazer would work a treat) and pair with metallic or loud leggings.

Iris Apfel Costume

Stack up on plastic bangles and necklaces.  The more the better.  You are also going to need a pair of round, black glasses.  These are really very important, they must be round or the look will not be complete.  If you child is blonde, use hair wax to make their hair stand on end (if not light haired, pick up some grey hair chalk on amazon), and apply Iris’ trademark blue eyeshadow and red lipstick.  Find more fashion icon costumes for kids here.


Adorable, delicious and fluffy!  Another simple, yet effective costume, that is bound to make everyone smile.  You will need to pick up some silk flower spray paint , adhesive spray and toy stuffing for this outfit.  Start with a tight fitting, long adult’s t-shirt (this will allow the cotton candy to look fuller on the child).  Spread out your toy stuffing and spray it pink.  Attach to the t-shirt using the adhesive spray, keep adding until you have a full candy floss shape.

Cotton Candy Outfit

To make the gorgeous hat, use the same process with a wig cap.  Add a white card cone with pink ribbon ties for a hat, and you are set.  We reccomend wearing pink trousers and shiny pink shoes to finish the look, and even popping on a little bit of pink blusher too!  Find the full guide on Hello Wonderful.

RETRO T.V. **-

This is the last one from Oh Happy Day, we promise, but we just couldn’t resist!  Isn’t this just the cutest retro t.v. you have ever seen?  The base of this costume is simply a cardboard box, coated in wood contact paper.  The front of the box is spray painted silver, and button details are added. The screen is made up of layered coloured gel paper.

Retro T.V. Costume

The really clever part of this costume, is that inside the box, taped around the inside of the screen are fairy lights.  This gives the T.V. screen a realistic warm glow!  Finish off with a black cap, with black poly cleaner antennae. Find the guide here.

Well, take your pick!  It is time to get out the glue gun and the masking tape people.  There are costumes to be made, and children to be dressed!

Author:  Hannah Coates