We have seen, and planned, a lot of parties.  Frozen parties, cowboy parties, Peppa Pig parties, circus parties, Star Wars parties, you name it, we have probably organised it!  

You learn a few things when on set for this many birthdays, and here, we have popped together a list of top tips for planning a smooth, and wonderful party.

The Old Games Are The Best

There is a reason Pass The Parcel, Musical Statues and Pin The Tail On The Donkey are still around you know!  The classic games are definitely the best, and the most popular amongst children.  They are often always the cheapest too, so you can organise great party entertainment on a budget.  And, when everything gets a bit much and you need five minutes, there is always Sleeping Lions!

Sand Pit

Toddler Wrangling

We all know the terrible twos are tricky.  How, on earth, do you keep a room of toddlers entertained and engaged?  And, more importantly, how do you get them all to sit down and eat your prepared food? First of all, don’t aim for the impossible.  Have you ever seen a room of children under three sit down and eat at the same time?  Us neither.  We recommend that you have toys on standby.  Sand pits are perfect, and building blocks and pushchairs are sure to be a welcome distraction should anyone have a little tantrum.  Children this age are too young for traditional party games, so it is important to have engaging options for them at each corner.

Keep On Theme!

If you plan a themed party, try to keep the theme going strong across the board.  Older children will love themed food, and specific party games too.  For example, for a Frozen party, try ‘Pin The Carrot on The Olaf’.  It will go down a snow storm.  Sorry.  Not sorry.

Pin the carrot on olaf

You Gotta Get Physical

Sometimes, the best parties are the simplest.  There is little better than a picnic on a beautiful day, accompanied by a Frisbee!  The sun is finally rearing it’s head and it is time to make the most of it. If you are lucky enough to live near a park or have a large back garden, try a bikes and trikes party.  You can organise races, obstacle courses and a ‘Customize Your Ride’ station.  The kids will have a wonderful day, and all of that exercise is (hopefully) going to lead to a lovely, peaceful night’s sleep!

Sing Song

For smaller party members, sometimes the most enjoyable form of entertainment is a circle song.  If your guests and their children attend nursery or playgroup, this will be an activity the recognise and enjoy.  It is also a wonderful idea to make musical shakers out of bottles filled with pasta or rice.  The children could even decorate them before hand!

Bonpoint Cake Pops

Pace Those Prizes

Don’t give out all your sweeties at once!  If you want the children to eat and enjoy the delicious party food, you need to ensure you are pacing your prizes.  Start with stickers, or stationary, then, after the meal, the really exciting stuff can come out (candy, doughnuts, cake, cookies, insert sugar high here).

Keep Props Stocked

We all know children can be unpredictable.  What is predictable, is that if one is left out, they will get upset, and you are going to know about it.  If everyone brings their teddies, and one child is left without, there will be tears.  We recommend having soft toys to hand and multiple options of any big toys to try and avoid upset or quarrels.


Embrace the Noise!

As you know, children love to make a riot.  Give them the opportunity!  Shakers, tambourines and drums are incredibly popular with smaller children.  Set a specific time in your party where you get all of the musical instruments out, put aside 10 minutes for the kids to make as much noise as possible, and then bring out lunch.  This welcome distraction will allow you time to stash the musical instruments quickly, and quietly, and keep the kids happy.

Don’t Forget The Little Details

A changing station, wipes, nappies and a bin are a great idea to have on hand.  Parent’s may forget to bring them whilst getting ready for the party, and will be hugely thankful you thought ahead.  Potties in the toilets are also a great idea for toddler parties too.

Treasure Map

Have a Game Plan

The key to excellent entertainment is simplicity and speed.  You don’t want games with complex rules that take more time to explain than play.  A treasure hunt for coins and prizes will go down a treat, and is pretty self explanatory.  Just make sure not to hide things too well!

Get Your Toes Wet

It’s summer!  Set up a paddling pool in your back garden with a few inches of water and lots of toys.  This will be very popular and provide lots of clean fun for toddlers and younger children.  The only other props you need are towels to dry kids off at the end of the day.

Ice Lego

Ice Ice Baby

Whilst on the topic of summer, try this fab trick.  Freeze small toys in blocks of solid ice!  Pop plastic toys in margarine tubs with water and wait until they freeze.  Once the party starts, set your toysicles out on a tray. Children will be fascinated by these slippery blocks, and will love trying to free the toy inside as the cube melts.

Imagination Central

Don’t be afraid to get adventurous with your imagination.  For example, try setting up an assault course using cushions, chairs, cones and play tunnels.  For a pirate themed party, you could tell the children that the grass is shark infested water, and teams need to get from one side of the garden to the other without being chomped.

Pirate Sign

Embrace Help!

Sometimes, the smoothest route to a great party is to embrace help.  We have a fantastic range of wonderful event managers who can run your child’s day for you, ensuring entertainment arrives on time, the cake is ready to go when you are, and children are kept busy and safe throughout the entire day.  

To chat more about our team give us a call on 020 8502 9988 or send us an e-mail at info@lesenfants.co.uk

 Author – Hannah Coates