Welcome back to the world of Les Enfants Parties where we showcase the very best of our children’s party styling and more. As the Summer holidays edge ever closer (just where has this year gone??) we examine the very best activities for your little ones this summer in London and choose our top 5 summer camps for children.

As we all know the Summer holidays are a blessing, our little ones deserve a hard earned rest after the rigours of the school year and as far off family holidays beckon we look closer to home at some amazing activities in London. Whilst our little ones do indeed need a rest sometimes, we as mums, do as well. We’ve found the perfect selection of camps that give you are rest and keep your child engaged and active.

Camp Beaumont


Ages 3 -16

For over four decades CAmp Beaumont has been at the forefront of children’s summer camps in both the UK and USA. Taking place across London and offering a wealth of arts and crafts and outdoor fun, Camp Beaumont is one of the most popular summer camps for children in the South East. Suitable for children and teenages, the varied schedule, mix of physical and sit down activities ensure are varied and engaging day for your little ones.

Mother Nature Science


Ages 5- 12

Science over the last 10 years has seen a resurgence in popularity as kids of all ages are starting to once again be enthralled by the subjects. Taking place across London, the Ofsted approved summer camps have a unique focus through science based activities exciting demonstrations, hands on experiments, team games and fun quizzes.There are five camps to choose from each with a unique theme that explores a particular area of science. Whilst each course has an overall theme each day will see a new set of educational and exciting activities that are sure to spark a deep love of science and nurture your little ones creativity.

XUK Camps


Age 6-17

Whilst not in London we felt we had to mention the XUX camps that take place in the beautiful 90 acre green surroundings of Abberley Hall School in the worcestershire countryside. XUX Activities host residential summer camps full of fun activities and exciting trips. What we love about this camp is that each morning yo9ur budding camper gets to choose from a range of activities and tailor their own timetable whilst exploring their interests. From sports, arts and crafts to excursions drama and themed parties, there is something for every interest and every age range.

Dino Snores at the Natural History Museum


Ages 6-17 (all children must be accompanied by an adult)

London is positively brimming with museums and make a super day out for all of the family. Each museum usually hosts a set of activities that encourage parents and children to spend time together in a truly stunning and awe-inspiring venue. We have chosen the Dino Snore (we love the name!) evening that takes place at the Natural History Museum. As the name suggests, the event involves a sleepover set in the magical surroundings of the museum. Throughout the evening a range of activities take place such as a t shirt making contest, a torch lit exploration of the museum as well as a fun presentation by a scientist. In the morning, should you survive the night at the museum, you are greeted with a delicious themed breakfast to celebrate the event.

Battersea Park Children’s Zoo


We like to do things differently at Les Enfants and wanted to show a slightly lesser known zoo that is perfect for your little explorers. Set in the heart of Battersea, the zoo caters to children by offering hands on experiences, a variety of day events and an adventure playground. Birds, reptiles and mammals are all on display and throughout the day your children will have the chance to get up close and personal with some of them. We love the idea that this mini zoo also features a huge adventure playground helping your little one to burn off a bit of energy before you head off.

What top summer camps do you recommend? Do you know of any hidden gems that other mums would love to explore ? Let us know your thought by commenting below.