With the pumpkin carving season well upon us, we thought we would share some of our favourite decoration, entertainment and catering ideas for a truly spooky kid’s Halloween party.

Halloween is becoming more and more popular in the UK, and Trick or Treat parties are pretty commonplace. With these tips, make sure your little monster’s event stands out from the other ghoulies.


Pandora’s Box

I distinctly remember playing this game when I was 7 years old, dressed in a devil’s outfit and ready to scare up a good time!  And it is so simple!  All you will need is shoeboxes, black fabric and some creativity.  To begin cut a hand size hole in each of your shoe boxes, and paint the exterior black.  Cover the hole in a black fabric, like felt, so the child has to push past this with their hand without seeing what is inside.  

Halloween Blind Box

Stack the shoeboxes on top of each other and use black gaffa tape to keep them in place.  Fill these boxes with icky household items and label each box with a spooky title.  See the list of items and names below or check out this fab DIY post by The Mumsy Blog for some Halloween inspiration!

Slippery Worms – Cold, cooked spaghetti

Giant’s Toes – Carrots

Brains – Cauliflower covered in fairy liquid

Witches’ Tongues – Dried Apricots

Eyeballs – Peeled grapes

Mummy Relay

Another simple game (for outdoor parties, or events with a little more space) that is cheap to create, and will go down a treat!  All you will need is loo roll.  Yes, really.


Have your kids’ split into two teams, and provide each team with a roll of loo roll.  Set marker cones at the start, and end of your room, or park, and have kids race, relay style from marker to marker.  The spooky catch, is that before running, each team must dress their runner as a mummy, wrapped head to toe in loo roll!  Up the stakes by adding obstacles, like pumpkins to slalom around, or cobweb filled plastic tunnels to crawl through. 

Pop Goes the Pumpkin

A game from Martha Stewart that will certainly go down with a bang, but that does require a little adult supervision.  This game is best when played by children that are a bit older, around 10, and happy to throw a dart at a target.  To begin, cover a foam board in hessian, and secure with gaffa tape.  Attach to a wall with hooks.  Get a range of orange balloons and fill them with confetti, cobwebs, and plastic spiders.  Leave a few balloons empty to add to the suspense.  


We also reccomend spray painting a plastic spider gold, and encouraging the kids to try to find the golden spider.  (Top tip – it is important these spiders are little, or the kids will be able to see them through the balloon latex).  Inflate your balloons and use drawing pins to attach them to the board, creating a pumpkin shape. Cut a stem shape from green fabric, and attach to the top of your board.  Have children stand behind a line (try using coloured masking tape on the floor), and take turns to throw darts at the balloons!


In addition to the tried and tested Jack O Lantern, there are lots of fantastic decoration ideas for Halloween parties that we just love.

Floating Candles

If your children are Harry Potter fans, this one is really going to go down well.  It might take a little extra work, but boy will it be worth it.  You will need kitchen roll tubes, white paint, fishing wire, a glue gun and battery powered candle tealights, along with scissors, pins and glue. To begin, cut your card tubes to varying lengths.  Don’t go too short, you don’t want stubby candles!  Paint the tubes white.  Next, apply glue drips to the top of each tube using a glue gun, to give the appearance of melted wax.  Careful not to drip glue inside the candle, it will make it harder to insert the tealights later.


Once the glue has dried and is cool, apply another coat of white paint to cover it.  Use a pin to puncture two holes either side of the top of the candle, and thread a string of nylon through it.  There needs to be enough nylon remaining on either side to hang your candles from the ceiling, and we reccomend varying lengths of nylon to vary height.  Use the roll to trace a circle onto paper, add a couple of tabs and cut this out.  Use pritt stick to attach these circles to the bottom of each roll to seal it.  Pop your electric tealight in the top of the candle so it sits on the nylon that runs through the tube.  Finally, attach these candles to your ceiling using tape to minimise damage.  For picture guidance, check out the Warner Brothers guide.

Dancing Ghoulies

This is a really effective, and really simple DIY decoration that looks incredible outdoors on a lawn, or even arranged around a tree or faux fire pit.  To begin, simply poke a styrofoam ball onto the top of a white or green tall garden fence stake, or piece of painted dowelling.  Cover this with light weight white fabric, such as cheesecloth or gossamer crepe.  


Top tip, steam or iron the fabric before hand for an extra floaty look.  Create several of these, we reccomend about six, and arrange them in a circle on your lawn.  Tie the edges of each ghost’s fabric together to give the appearance they are holding hands.  The lightweight fabric will pick up in the wind and give the illusion the ghosts are dancing.

Stick to a Scheme

If you are looking for a really picture perfect party that is going to do well on social media, we would really reccomend sticking to a colour scheme.  Don’t be afraid of going for classy colours, such as metallics, for your scheme.  We love this black, silver and white theme by Suzonne Stirling.


Notice how she has inco-operated colour friendly candy and spray painted her pumpkins so everything ties together beautifully.  We also adore the newspaper cutting trick or treat sign, which is another very easy, but classic DIY project to undertake.

Another very easy, but classy top tip is using plastic vampire teeth as napkin holders!  


The kids will love them, and they will look stunning for your photographer too.  Use black crockery and rich red napkins for the best effect. You can pick up plastic fangs at most party shops, or alternatively, on amazon.


Now for the part of the party that everybody get’s excited about, kids and adults alike! Surprise your guests with on theme spooky snacks!

Wiggly Worms

Now, we have read that this recipe is not for the time challenged or the faint hearted.  But if you are prepared for a bit of a wiggly challenge, how incredible do these worms look?  AND, despite looking grim, they are surprisingly tasty too, if you can bring yourself to eat them.

Bowl of Worms

The worms are created by filling drinking straws with a mix of liquid red jelly and green whipping cream. Again, be warned, they take a day to set and about 45 minutes to squeeze out of the straws, so not a last minute recipie.  For a wonderfully detailed guide with hany pictures, check out One Little Project.

Bleeding Heart Cake – Lily Vanilli

If you are still feeling ambitious, try out this incredible recipe by one of our favourite bakers, Lily Vanilli. Despite looking incredibly gory, this cake is filled with delicious red velvet and decked with fresh berry coulis.  Maybe better for older kid’s parties though, as, as you can see, it is pretty darn realistic.

Surprisingly, the recipe isn’t quite as tricky as open heart surgery.  Each heart is basically fondant wrapped around a red velvet cupcake, and painted with red and black gel food colouring.


In addition to this incredible heart recipe, Lily also has a great guide on making meringue bones, which work beautifully as a cake garnish, or, as simple snacks for your little monsters. Check out her spooktacular recipe book ‘A Zombie Ate My Cupcake’.

Goosebumps Punch

Now for a ghostly drink, a fluorescent green goosebumps punch!  Although this looks pretty intense (health addict parents, please turn away now), the drink is made of lemon and lime soda with a little green food colouring.  Pop some gummy worms in the bottom of the glass, and turn it into a float by adding rainbow sherbert icecream from Baskin Robbins.


We hope that these top tips have come just in time for your Halloween party, and that everyone’s ghostly gatherings go down with a bang.

So whatever you are doing this half term, wether it be carving pumpkins, trick or treating, or dressing up, have fun, stay safe, and keep spooky!

Author:  Hannah Coates