Welcome back to the Les Enfants Parties blog where we bring you the very best from our bespoke children’s parties. Now, if you’re anything like ourselves we simply love a good party. More than a good party we love a great party and in this blog we bring you one of our recent parties that was simply wow. Fitting for the theme of the Greatest Showman we made one of our greatest parties and invite you to share this incredible experience with us.

Inspired by the imagination of P. T. Barnum founder of the famous Barnum and Bailey Circus, The Greatest Showman is a top taping musical that celebrates the birth of show business  and of a visionary who rose from nothing to create a spectacle that became a worldwide sensation.

The stage was immaculately set by our party stylists who embraced the legacy of the circus and the film itself. We’ve chosen three elements that intertwined to make this party one of our best.

Sweetie Table

Now, what could be more spectacular than a sweetie table? We created the perfect Greatest showman Sweetie table that formed the focal point for the room. A custom made circus tent was created to house the sweetie table that groaned under the delicious treats. The cake itself was a work of art, a big top circus tent that sat proudly in the middle of the sweetie table. What could be more circus themed than animals? Individual animal cookies were hand decorated and rested amongst the popcorn, chocolate bars and cakes, cake pops that all looked resplendent in the red and white stripes of the theme.

Props and Signage

The Greatest Showman Parties was one of biggest total transformations and our teams worked hard to create a circus within the venue. Circus tent red and white stripes created the atmosphere of a real life Circus inspired by the Hugh Jackman movie. To greet our guests a red carpet flanked by individual circus tents set the mood whilst a large prop 6 let everyone know the age of the lucky birthday girl. Carousel lions, unicorns and other circus animals added to the sense of wonderment and excitement  whilst podiums and the sweetie table decked out with a custom sign for Mia, or should that be sweetie tent?, created a magical atmosphere.

Tea Table

Where to enjoy the foodie delights that were specially created for Mia and her guests? On our custom made tea table of course! Red and white were the colours that set the table apart with balloons and invidious ribbons tied to each chair. Custom made graphics lined the centre of the table whilst the red themed plates, cutlery and glasses all added to the occasion.

What do you think of our Greatest Showman Party?  How would you create your own? Leave your comments below and let us know your thoughts!