As we come to the end of the school term, the focus of our business changes and our team gets to have a well earned rest from the weekends of private parties.

July and August for us are more about wedding creches and corporate work than 5 year old birthday parties. We also use this time to brace ourselves for the mad rush that is September to December where we almost don’t have time to breathe.

Infact last year my sister did all my Christmas present shopping, she did an excel spreadsheet and took my credit card details, with all our corporate work continuing until 23rd December I did not have time to do my own shopping! I am very lucky to have a generous and kind sister.

We are also using this time for a bit of reflection to become more proactive and look at our services and our marketing approach. So any new ideas would be welcome!

We are working on restocking our shop, looking at some interesting theming concepts, putting together ideas for our Christmas packages, reorganising our website to make things easier for customers and chasing the seo dream of being number one for children’s parties.

Over the next couple of weeks, a different member of the team will blog on their perspective of working at Les Enfants. I hope they will be nice about me but I’ve asked them to be honest and no editing from me.

Also, we would love to address any questions you have on children’s parties so please post and we will do our best.

In the meantime enjoy the sunshine, enjoy the last few days of the school term and then most of all enjoy your summer breaks.

Katie x