The sun is finally out everybody!  Get out your shorts, crack out your dresses, and dust off those sunnies.  It might be here for a grand total of five minutes, but we are going to make the very best out of it, and celebrate by sharing our favourite summer party ideas (then leave the office promptly to hunt down an ice cold Mojito).

As a Winter baby with a birthday four days short of Christmas, I was always incredibly jealous of Summer children!  With their pool parties and their bbqs, it all seemed incredibly unfair. Granted, there is absolutely no guarantee that the sun will rear it’s head for your child’s get together, but we can live in hope!  

Kids Summer Party 

Certain themes are vastly improved by sunshine.  They really lend themselves to hot days and lots of daylight!  Here are a range of our favourite ideas for Summer inspired birthday parties that you might not have considered.


We all know how much kids love to make a mess, and lets be honest, for 364 days of the year you are trying to encourage them to tidy up (or indeed, tidying up after them yourself).  Why not give them one day where they can go absolutely crazy?  They will remember it forever, and love you all the more.

Kids Powder Party

Our two favourite messy party plans include ‘Paint the Town Neon’ – a Holi Festival inspired plan, where children are let loose in your garden with a lot of powder paint (you could also use a public park, but make sure to get permission from your local council and use biodegradable paint).  We found a great recipe for how to make your own non toxic coloured powder on one of our favourite blogs – A Beautiful Mess.

Chocolate Slip and Slide

Our second absolute favourite idea, is The Chocolate Slip and Slide.  Simply pop out a standard slip and slide kit in your back garden, and coat with a mix of cooking oil (for maximum slide potential!) and chocolate sauce.  For an extra hilarious twist, cover the end of the slide with whipped cream and have assistants on hand to douse the kids in sprinkles should they try to run off!  

You will get plenty of great photo opportunities, kids that will thank you and talk about your party for years, and, granted, one heck of a mess in your back garden. But, let’s be honest, it will rain in a day or so, so that will all be washed away in no time.  It goes without saying that this party theme is incredibly slippery so do please proceed with caution!


Why not host a miniature carnival for your little one?  Decorate your local park with carnival booths, each hosting a different game.  

Helter Skelter

Simply hang striped or brightly coloured bedsheets over trees (or tent poles) to create fairground inspired backdrops, and make up different activity stations.  Some of our favourite ideas include the ball toss, where children have to throw ping pong balls into tumbler glasses, and a temporary tattoo station too.  

Get little guests incredibly excited with a prize table – (each ticket themed invitation could be redeemable for one prize), which could be filled with jars of kazzoos, yo yos, stretchy dolls and slinkys.  We have also hired fantastic inflatable helter skelters in the past, which always impress (adults just as much as children!).

Movie Party

Alternatively, you could opt for a film festival!  Simply hang a large white bed sheet over outdoor fencing, fill your garden with comfy blankets and pillows, and have the popcorn machine at the ready.  You will need a projector and a speaker system outdoors too, so make sure you have extension leads and have triple checked the weather forecast!


We all scream for ice cream!  Set up a full blown ice cream parlour party in your garden with a bar with all of the children’s favourites and some fun flavours thrown in for good measure. We love this recipe for breakfast ice cream, featuring two of our favourites – bacon and waffles! Don’t forget the toppings! Stock up a specific topping table with sprinkles, nuts, sweets and fudge chunks.

Ice Cream Cake

You can take the theme even further with decorations, using ice cream pastel toned balloons, an upside down ice cream cake inspired by Katherine Sabbath, and finish the day by sending guests home with party favours bagged in classic striped ice cream tubs.  You could even go one step further and ask guests to dress as their favourite ice cream flavours, complete with cherry hats on top!

For older children, and slightly later in the Summer months, we love a bonfire party.  Granted, not the most London friendly idea, but if you are based outside of central, (or have a fire bowl in your back garden) this is fantastic fun.  Serve food in hessian and tartan wrapped tins, decorate your garden with light up paper bags, and make sure the marshmallows are at the ready.

Bonfire Party

Set up evening friendly games such as glow in the dark ring toss.  Simply use glow necklaces as rings, and throw over a large fairy light decorated stick or pipe.  You could even provide tents to guests to keep the fun going right up until morning.

With all of these wonderful ideas, you can understand how winter babies feel a little left out! But don’t worry!  Check back here in a few months, and we will have plenty of ideas for them too.

Enjoy the summer everybody!  A three day weekend is right around the corner.

Author: Hannah Coates