How incredibly lucky have we been recently having such amazing weather in the United Kingdom! I hope the chance in our weather situation has encouraged you all to have a go at designing or decorating some wonderful summer parties. 
Below, I have collected a few of my favourite tried and tested recipes and treats, all of which are perfect for enjoying on a hot summers day. 

Edible floral ice cubes- so easy to do, and looks incredibly pretty. For freezing anything in ice, just make  sure to boil the water first before freezing to ensure the ice stays clear
Beautiful homemade lemonade served in vintage mason jars.. here is a fantastic recipe for lemonade you can easily make from home, (Nigel Slater recipe)
Similar to the edible floral ice lollies above these lollies which can be made with lemonade or lime cordial are a lovely treat to serve your guests, if you are stuck on where to buy your petals from, the following website is perfect, (link)
These ice lollies are perfect for your little ones, and look incredibly pretty too- simply place lemonade in an ice lolly mould and sprinkle in a few gummy bears for a unique treat
…or if you fancy something a little more healthy you can easily substitute the gummy bears for a variety of fruit slice
I love this idea as a party favour- freshly picked cherries, strawberries or any other seasonal berry will work perfectly! 

easy peasy and yet so pretty- store bought meringues with cream and fresh fruit filling- a healthy(ish) alternative to a macaroon 
Pretty pavlova
Or a summer fruit jelly’s are lovely, simple desserts to give to yours guests (recipe here)
Dessert/ice lolly or treats table are so easy to decorate  during the summer. I love the colour scheme of this display. as well as how simple it all is- a few homemade cocktails, fruit smoothie ice lollies and beautiful flowers are all you need
Speak soon!
Zahra xxx