Has anyone else noticed it has got seriously chilly of late?  You look out your window, the sun is shining gloriously, and yet when you step outside, all optimistic in a dress and denim jacket, the goosebumps start.  Let’s tempt the heat back with these fabulous Spring theme party ideas.  Perhaps, together, we can raise the temperature!

We adore Spring, it is the time of year where you feel your body defrosting, flowers start to bloom, and fruity flavours dominate menus.  There are lots of fantastic ways you can embrace the season into your child’s party theme, and we have popped our favourite ideas below.

Flower Displays

Nothing says Spring quite like florals.  Floristy is becoming big business in the party planning zone, and more and more events are embracing greenery.  Don’t stick to stuffy vases, consider draping flowers across tables, or even hanging them in balloon arches.  

We adore this stunning display by House that Lars Built, who kindly also offer DIY instructions as to how to build your very own version.  It is suprisingly easy, brilliant fun, and an excellent work out for the lungs.  Those tiny balloons don’t go up easy – mark our words!  

Once you have glued and tied your balloons together, simply poke in greenery such as eucalyptus, and peonies for an extra spring kick.  Really consider your colour scheme, and choose flowers that will either compliment, or contrast, your balloon tones.

Rebecca Louise Law

Another very simple but effective idea by a floral artist who we adore, Rebecca Louise Law, is to suspend flowers from the ceiling, heads facing down. Consider using different blooms in a variety of shapes and sizes, and embrace naturally draping plants such as wisteria, for a classic appearance.  Law uses thin copper wire to bind the flowers together, and hangs on nails in the ceiling.

Animal Ears

Embrace animal ears!  Spring celebrates baby animals, lambs, bunnies and chicks surround us – at least, we wish they did, being based in London.  Be inspired by the fluffy critters by creating animal ear headbands for your guests.  We adore these DIY white, lace bunny ears from Bespoke Bride, and think they would go down a treat at a child’s party.  Simply swap out adult sized headbands for a child friendly replacement, and you’re off.


For older children (7 plus), you could consider creating your own Animal Ear Headband Station, where kids can decorate their headbands with flowers and pom poms.  We suggest you attach the ears at home, as this can get fiddly, and provide each child with a basic animal ear band to customise.

Creative Cake Toppers

Spring is pretty much summarized by the daffodil.  It’s bright yellow appearance is so joyful, and we welcome their arrival!  Consider decorating a basic cake with these fantastic paper and straw cake toppers by one of our favourite blogs – Oh Happy Day.  All you will need is yellow and green cupcake cases, green straws and a hot glue gun.

Daffodil Cake Topper

Decorating simple, home made cakes in this fashion can really save money, and, with a little patience, can look just as impressive as a professional baker’s efforts.  You could even rope in your kids to help as a screen free activity.  If there is time, make extra, and have them stood in glass milk bottles at the centre of each table.

Tip Top Table Toppers

Another wonderful idea from Oh Happy Day (we did warn you, they are one of our favoruite blogs) are these fantastically cute sheep placeholders.  Again, a very simple idea, only needing white card, pink paper, mini wooden pegs and a steady hand, these name cards will help each child feel special, and add a personalised touch to your table plan.

Sheep Table Toppers

We would really encourage checking out the Oh Happy Day blog for more incredible ideas, such as April Showers themed balloon centerpieces and pom pom bunny cake toppers.  Sometimes, with these projects, the most simple of ideas can be the most popular and the little touches the most effective. Try sprinkling mini chocolate eggs on tables (wait until dessert is served), or consider lining the room with flower filled wellington boots.

With these tips and DIY projects, you can create a Spring inspired party that your child will adore, and your guests will love too. Now all we need is sunshine!