In today’s selfie obsessed age, kids are as much a fan of a photobooth as adults!  A photobooth is the perfect party station and doesn’t have to be as cheesy as you might think.

Here we have listed some of our favourite ideas to show you how you can create the perfect backdrop.


We love all things shabby chic!  Some of our favourite party themes have been boho – shabby chic inspired, and we think that this beautiful booth set up would fit that vibe perfectly.

Shabby Chic Booth Wall

Creating this style of backdrop isn’t as tricky as you might think.  You will need some stage flats which you can pick up here.  Once assembled you can start the fun part – decorating! Start by patch-working and layering different vintage inspired wallpapers.  You can find a great selection cheaply at DIY stores such as Homebase and B&Q. Make sure you leave tabs on certain corners to allow you to start peeling and ripping the paper to reveal all of the different patterns.

Finally, staple on fake flowers to finish – we found a fantastic selection here.  For the best effect, consider how the flowers would grow naturally, and add stems and greenery to keep a realistic feel.


It is tricky to find a photo-booth idea that suits younger children, such as babies and toddlers.  They are less likely to stay still to allow you to get that perfect shot – so finding a theme that can help keep them contained is key.  Here is our top recommendation – a Hot Air Balloon Booth!

Hot Air Balloon Pop Up

To create this beautiful set up, you will need a roll of blue colorama, a laundry basket, a 36 inch balloon (filled with helium), rope, scissors, tape and a staple gun.  Start by inflating your balloon and tying it to your basket. To do this, make an ‘X’ over the top of your balloon, leaving enough rope to reach your basket, and attach.  You can tie decorative strings onto this for added effect.

Roll out your paper background, and fix to the wall and floor.  Position your hot air balloon, and attach it to the background using some extra string and a staple gun.  Throw a couple of cushions in the basket so it is lovely and comfortable, and you are off! 


If you are up for a more ambitious creative project, and have some hands to help, we recommend a stunning paper floral backdrop.  Far cheaper than real flowers, and far more fun, paper florals add texture and style, and with a little effort, are very impressive.

Paper Flower Wall

This incredible wall was created by graphic artist Alana for her blog Dream, Create.  Alana has written a brilliant guide to show you how you can create your own floral wall, explaining how exactly to create different types of flowers with specific cuts and folds.

Paper Flower Guide

We love that Alana has thought about her colour scheme, and really like the cream and white tones she has chosen. Although they may seem simple, these colours would work fantastically at a kids party, as would allow brightly coloured clothing to really stand out.


This photobooth idea is pure genius.  The super hero booth creates fantastic photos, and is great fun too! Meta, from Babyccino kids created this scene using a blue sheet, cloud pillows and cereal boxes decorated with tape. 

Super Hero Photobooth

It is also a great idea to have capes and masks to hand, so children can dress up as their favourite super heroes.  We have found a selection of fantastic masks and accessories on etsy.

Once they are in costume, all the kids need to do is lie down in their best super hero pose.  The photographer will need to climb a ladder to gain height, and hey presto!  Is it a bird?  Is it a plane?  No.  It’s little Hugo zipping over the shard and flying past the gherkin.


If you follow our blog, you know how much we love balloons.  You can check out a whole post dedicated to our favourite inflatable decorations here.  What better idea than a balloon photobooth wall?  Children can pose in front of the balloon wall during the party, and pick a balloon to take home at the end.

Balloon Wall Photobooth

Eunice and Sabrina from fantastic letterpress company Hello Lucky simply taped a selection of neon balloons (at varying heights) to the floor of the venue.  This could work with any colour scheme, but here at Les Enfants – we are partial to a bit of neon.

From past experience, we would recommend a photographer is kept on site to encourage the children to pose in front of the balloons if you want the wall to last until the end of the party!

So here you can see there are lots of options for children of all ages! These photobooths will each provide a fun activity on the day, and give you and your guests fab photos to take home and treasure.

Author – Hannah Coates