Good Morning
I must start this post with an opening statement – why weren’t
Smash Cakes around when I was a child? It’s just not fair!
For those who don’t know; a smash cake is an individual cake
presented to a child traditionally on their 1st birthday. The aim of the game? For
the baby to completely enjoy their smash cake with no regard for the amount of mess they may create.

Traditionally, the baby wears just their nappy (so cleaning
up afterwards is easier for Mum and Dad!) and any cute themed accessories you
think may be nice to capture these precious moments, or to tie into a
party theme! Place your child on a wipe-able surface or even outdoors and let the fun begin – your
baby can then enjoy the freedom and delight of getting ‘stuck in’.
Adding a theme to this experience can result in priceless
photos, creating a unique and humorous collection
of adorable images. The beauty of these cakes, is that you can have it however
you imagine. A healthy cake? Why not! A bumble bee cake covered in gooey green
icing grass? Gooier the better! It really can be tailored around your little
one’s day and your own purse strings.
But ‘what about the guests?!’ I hear you cry! This Smash
Cake is purely for the baby’s experience – usually, a more decorative
celebration cake is provided for the guests. It is currently unknown where this
recent tradition developed from (even google doesn’t know!) and has heightened
in popularity in the last 10 years, but what a lovely idea to add a personal
and memorable moment to any children’s party.
This delightful experience isn’t restricted to first
birthday’s either, why not throw on some old clothes and take it up through the
ages, compiling a collection of Smash Cake moments throughout the early milestones?
Your children will thank you later I can assure you!
There is no doubt that this idea requires a little bit of
clean up, but why not! You’re only one once.
Happy Monday x
Thanks to and Isabella Mckenzie for pictures of her granddaughter Leah

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