Welcome back to the Les Enfants Parties blogs where we bring you the very best in Luxury children’s parties and more. In this week’s entry we dive deep into the jungle and embark on a super summer safari in on of our most recent bespoke children’s parties

Wild animal themed partyWe rumbled in the Jungle at  the Hollywood Arms in Kensington where our team of party stylists transformed the beautiful venue into a lush, green, tropical jungle – perfect for hose little adventurers and their super safari. To start, we wanted to create a colour scheme that would run throughout each element that would combine to make a totally tropical party. We decked out the venue in beautiful dark and light greens, turquoises and blues to create a enchanting scene that delighted the young guests. and light green.

We really let our imaginations go wild with the brief and went more jungles of Borneo than boho with our party styling. Fake green grass covered the flooring with fun foliage in the form of bamboo, fake plants and ivy that added that jungle feel. Whatsmore, we we chose custom cuddly animals (giraffes, tigers and lions – complete with safari hats – to add that extra detail and take our guests on an unforgettable adventure. Bespoke animal posters dotted the venue and brought the walls alive with their fun designs and bright colours.

Safari themed party ideasAt Les Enfants we love a sweetie table and our rumble in the jungle party certainly was no exception. Animal themed parties are always fun and allowed our team to create food that not only looked the part but tasted amazing as well. The sweetie table was created in the theme of a wooden paneled bar, complete with custom designed jungle treat sign and ivy that added that extra dash of colour and matched the colour scheme we devised. Resting among the decorations of lush bamboo, miniature jungle canopies and canapes brought the table to life. Individual green buckets of popcorn with stickers, chewy and gooey zebra decorated marshmallow bars on bamboo sticks, tasty turtle chews and sizzling sour gummy snakes with individual animal cookies all beautifully laid out for the little monkeys to enjoy. The centrepiece of the table, a three tiered cake, was the eye catching focal point for the design. The cake, zebra, tiger and cheetah prints on each tier, with handmade marzipan lions, giraffes, lions and elephants all bemed from upon the luscious cake.

jungle party ideas for childrenWhat a great sweetie table without a party table to enjoy it on? We roared into life and set about creating a magnificent jungle table in the matching colours of the party. Individual folded napkins with crisp, custom made napkin holders and signs, green plates and soft blue cups all greeted the animal obsessed guests. Each chair had a baloon tied to it in alternating colours creating a feel of jungle trees overhanging the table.

All in all, our jungle themed party was a roaring success! We would like to thank the staff at Hollywood Arms, A Balloon decor for their wonderful balloons, cakesbyrobin and sweetbeasbakery for their hard work and help with a wild party.

For more information on our bespoke children’s parties and any other questions you may have, Contact our teams of bespoke children’s party planners today via 020 8502 9988 or info@lesenfants.co.uk.