There’s something about robots that strangely makes me think of growing up in the 80’s, in between Rubik Cubes and roller boots these little versions of Metal Mickey were popular in toy shops.  I think a robot themed party would be fab for a boys or even a girls party.  It is easy to set the mood from the moment your guests arrive at the front door, by turning it into a control panel or have a large robot, made from cardboard boxes & other bits and bobs, to greet guests as they arrive at the party entrance. Then let your little guests create their own robots from old boxes, bottle tops, scraps of tin foil or have your own robot building laboratory and let the children build robots from Lego or Mecanno. 

Robot party food could include your own mix of nuts and bolts, small pots of mixed crisps or sweets. The birthday cake could be a robot, made by putting together different sized rectangular pieces of sponge, then iced in primary colours or even silver. Cupcakes can have robot themed toppers or even ice individual cakes with different parts of a robot.  For a sweet treat the children could build robots from marshmallows and a little glace icing or use cocktail sticks to ensure the robots arms and legs stay on! 
Robot dancing would be great fun and you could even play robot musical statues. For quieter activities your could find some robot themed printables for the children to colour in or make fun robot themed wordsearches. 
Robot building could become large scale if the weather permits and party guests could build robots from cardboard boxes in the garden. Maybe have teams to build the biggest or strongest robot and you could also allow paints and a collection of items from the recycling box to decorate your robots. Party bags or favours could be robot toys, paper robot kits, robot shaped crayons or even little boxes of Lego. 
Just remember a little imagination goes a long way! Have fun planning your party and we would love to see your own robot parties.
Have fun!