Alice In Wonderland is still very much a strong theme for parties and weddings with the whimsical ideas from the Lewis Carroll novel lending themselves well to such occassions that allow our imaginations to run riot.  The idea of a Mad Hatters Tea Party is itself a very enchanting notion for a party, however old the guests are, complete with ‘Queen of Heart’ jam tarts and White Rabbit clock decorated cookies.
‘Everything Alice’ by Hannah Read-Baldrey and Christine Leech is a delightful book filled to the brim with ideas and projects to make your Alice In Wonderland themed party even more spectacular.  The pages of this book take us down a crafty rabbit hole and let us indulge in our love of the story I am sure many of us remember from our own childhoods.  This enchanting collection is filled with 50 projects for you to try and will make your guests gaze in wonderment at the details throughout your party.
‘Wonderland Cookies’
Firstly we get to meet the two designers behind the book and are also taken on a historical tour into Lewis Carrolls past at Oxford University as the authors head off ‘On The Trail of Alice’.  We are then quickly given a list of essential items in the form of a ‘Craft Kit’ and a ‘Cookery Kit’.  The first few projects probably don’t lend themselves well to your party planning but do not worry as we delve deeper there are plenty of projects suitable for a party.
‘Crown Placecards’
From teaset invitations to crown placecards or fabric covered teapots or giant rose lights the scene can be set to delight your guests and help them believe they are in Wonderland.  Also in ‘Everything Alice’ there are fabulous ideas for ‘Topiary Cupcakes’, ‘Cheshire Cat Sandwiches’ and even instructions for making cookie cutters and then the cookies, in shapes of pocket watches, rabbits, tea cups and toadstools, for your very own teaparty.  The ‘Shadow Puppet’ project would make great entertainment for young and old, with ideas for party games also in ‘Everything Alice’.  Perhaps a game of Musial Chairs or Croquet or maybe you would prefer to run a ‘Caucus Race’? 
‘Playing Card Bunting’
This book also contains great projects to make ‘Playing Card Bunting’ and a ‘Wonderland Mobile’ which would be fantastic decorations for your dessert table and then your guests could take home their cupcakes in ‘Mad Hatter Cupcake Boxes’.  Of course not leaving before enjoying a ‘Drink Me Cordial’!
‘Madhatter Cupcake Box’
As you can see there are numerous projects in ‘Everything Alice’ that are the perfect accompaniment to helping you create a truly magical Wonderland of your very own. 
Everything Alice – The Wonderland Book of Makes
By Hannah Read-Baldrey & Christine Leech
ISBN 978-1-84400-972-5