Good Morning! Hope you all had a fantastic weekend and enjoyed any fireworks parties.  Today I am thrilled to share another real party from one of our readers.  Robots make for a great theme and when I received this party in my inbox I knew it would offer lots of inspriation for you all.  So I will now hand you over to Maria, from Etincelle Creative Studio to share how she created the robot party.
This Robot party was to celebrate my client’s first son Oliver’s fifth birthday. He chose the theme {Charlie and The Chocolate Factory was his next best wish} and we started working on the party three weeks before the chosen date.
My client gave me guidelines such as the color scheme {navy blue, orange and light blue} and her wish was to have handmade pencil cases as party favors. There were twenty children attending the party.
I started with gathering ideas and inspiration on Pinterest which I then sent to my client {you can check my board here}. The second no-brainer was to source on Etsy for the party set and eventually the pencil cases.
We both fell for Jayme’s robot invitation in her shop jaymemarie. It was easy to ask her to change the robot main body color into navy blue to suit our theme better.  I also proposed to create a robot photo booth + a robot centerpiece and the birthday boy loved both ideas!

The banner being in a bright orange I quickly decided to use a navy blue background {a piece of cotton fabric} to have it pop out and then brought table clothes in the other matching two colors of our theme. I also visualized a three-dimensional display on the main table and got foam cubes that I covered with orange paper. We displayed the candy jars and birthday cake; it was really nice and relatively easy to make as well.
The party was supposed to take place on Sunday late afternoon but one week before the event we had to change the date {ahh!!} and set it to Saturday morning instead. Oliver’s mum and dad had the BRILLIANT idea of having a birthday-brunch and they worked out a splendid menu: NYC Bagel Factory bagels filled with salmon/ cream cheese, omelet/ sausage sandwiches, cinnamon rolls, croissant, plain bagels with different type of spreads {jam, peanut butter…}, fruit platters, cupcakes and birthday cake were all on the menu. We limited the candies to gum bears, chocolate pills and lollipops. As drinks there were apple and orange juices + water, and the parents were delighted to have fresh cappuccinos/ espressos or lattes to start their day {coffee machine worked marvels}.

I had prepared a craft kit for kids to enjoy at any time during the party; a robot on a stick super simple to assemble. Just pre-cut the square/ rectangle shapes in foam, add one chenille for the arms, a pair of eyes and a wooden “ice-cream” stick in a transparent plastic bag. You will only need glue and markers on the day to assemble your robot and “decorate” it and possibly some guidance too.

We didn’t find anything suitable on Etsy for the party favors, and I suggested to my client that I could make them myself. It was a bit time-consuming to find the right fabric, I ended up buying it online at Fat Connection and I found an excellent tutorial on Pinterest; it took me 9 hours to complete the twenty pencil cases from start to finish.
The birthday cake was from The Patissier, a locally-grown patisserie in Singapore. The base of the cake was a delicious strawberry shortcake and the top a cute little robot matching the one on the invitation and edible as it was made of fondant.
Oliver’s dad organized some games with prizes and the children enjoyed playing at the nearby playground as well.
Thank you so much Marie for letting me share this here on Let’s Plan A Party.  This certainly looks like a fun party! I love the colours and as a parent the thought of excellent coffee and sausage sandwiches for a childs birthday brunch is too good to be true!

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Take care