Unless you have been living under a rock for the past few weeks (much like an Ekans – look it up!), you will have noticed that Pokemon Go fever is sweeping the globe.  Kids and adults alike are going crazy for the app, it has caused stampedes in Central Park, and is the biggest mobile game is US history.

Wether you are a fan or not, it is fair to say that at least the app gets gamers off their sofas and into the great outdoors!  As long as kids are playing safe (with adult supervision) we see no harm, and admittedly, a few of us are just a little bit hooked.  

Pokemon Go Party

Whilst we can’t catch them all at work, we can commission (and eat) Pokemon inspired cupcakes and cookies and can just about get away with pinteresting the heck out of these little critters.  Here is our inspiration for what is bound to be the next most popular party theme!

Our first shout out has to go to the fantastic team at Beyond Imagination Cakes.  They are the Pokemon Masters behind these fantastically detailed Pokemon and Pokeball cookies and cupcakes, which are sure to go down a storm at any kid’s party (and let’s face it, they didn’t last long in our office either).

Pokemon Go Party

We think these beautiful treats would sit wonderfully on a Sweetie table.  Colour wise for Pokemon, you are best using the logo’s bright yellow, and the white and red of the Pokeball. Blue also fits in wonderfully (as a primary colour) and adds a little contrast.  We love the idea of creating bunting out of Pokeball circles, and making Pokeball favours for guests to take home out of these clear plastic balls from Homecraft.

Try to extend your colour scheme to your candy choices – lemon bon bons, blue bubblegum balls, foam bananas, red hearts, candy eggs and sour blue raspberries are going to look fantastic in glass fish bowls (round again to fit the Pokeball theme).

Pokemon Party Table

On our Instagram travels we noticed these amazing macarons and truffles from Australian bakery Elle’s Patisserie.  With rosy red cheeks and delicious chocolate filling, these are high on our wish list.  We love the truffles too, which feature little Pikachu hatching out of a green and white spotted egg.

If your Pokemon party guests are real Pokemon Go fans (and you are fairly familiar with the app too), we suggest you set up a few ‘Lures’ in your back garden or house.  ‘Lures’ are spots that you can purchase and set which attract these digital critters, and ensure that your party with have some Pokemon guests very quickly.

Pokemon Truffle  

Onto what lots and lots of lovely children consider to be one of the most exciting (and memorable) parts of their birthday parties – the cake.  One quick pinterest search will generate endless ideas for Pokemon inspired birthday cakes (some considerably more successful than others).  The most popular generally feature shiny red poke-balls and little pokemon models – often Pikachu, Squirtle, Bulbasaur and Charmander.

Speaking of Charmander, perhaps the most unique cake we came across was a beautiful model of this little dragon with a wick running through his tail.  This meant that instead of using candles, the parent’s lit the dragon’s tale on fire for the birthday child to blow out. Magical!


There are lots of wonderful games you can introduce at a Pokemon themed party in addition to embracing the Pokemon Go App with older children.  For younger kids, Pin The Tail on Pikachu will be very popular, and a Pikachu Pinata is going to be a hit (literally) for older kids.

You could also set up a Pokemon hunt in your back garden, where you can hide plastic figurines (for older children only!) in foliage and trees, and have the children find them using scavenger clues.


Finishing touches can include details like these wonderful handmade, super easy but very effective Pokemon cups which could be filled with pink lemonade (or Jigglypuff juice) and of course, Pokemon balloons too.

So you really have no excuse.  You are fully prepared and inspired for a Pokemon go theme party now!  All you need, if you have not yet got it (and if so, where on earth have you been) is the app.  But take our word for it, this game is really, really addictiv…WAIT!  THERE’S A SQUIRTLE!! We’re off.

Author:  Hannah Coates