Welcome back to the Les Enfants Parties blog where we showcase the very best in our luxury children’s parties and more. In today’s blog post our timbers are well and truly shivered as we dive into the legends of Long John  Silver, Captain Jack Sparrow and Blackbeard with our pirate themed party.


At les Enfants we simply love balloons and the space was transformed into a beautiful pirate themed room. Pirate faces, ships and Jolly Roger baloons complimented the sweetie table whilst bright blues, purples and dark blue individual balloons were hand tied to each place at the tea table.


Tea table

Yo ho ho! Our party stylists channelled their inner pirate and created a clean aesthetic that was both inviting and colourful. The crisp white linen of the tables were given that wow factor through the colour scheme of the party as light and dark blues were the colours of choice. Little buckets full of pirate paraphernalia, blue cutlery and napkins all greeted our guests to tuck into their tasty treats and food.


Cakes and Catering

Now, after a long day at on the high seas we understand that pirate’s (both big and small) get rather hungry. Our custom made sweetie table was positively brimming under the weight of the delicious and delightful goodies that looked as good as they taste. We decorated the table with a nautical themed and netting covered the brown cloth that whisked imaginations and hungry tummies off to pirate land. The centre stage of the table was taken by the wonderful two tiered cake. Featuring pirate faces, ships and letters handmade from marzipan the cake rested on a bed of edible sand. Fitting of a pirate party, the cake was flanked by two treasure chests full of cookies with the skull and crossbones, pirate faces and treasure maps. Whatsmore, pirate popcorn in colourful holders also added to the wow and yum factor. Finally, custom balloons framed the table adding to the visual delight of the food.