Welcome back to the Les Enfants Parties blog where we showcase the very best of our bespoke children’s parties by our talented team of party stylists and children’s party planners. Now, in today’s blog we look at one of the our most popular colour schemes and parties of recent times: our pink themed party! The stylish venue chosen in London was transformed by our team to capture all things pink and girly.

We simply loved to style this party and ensured that the little birthday girl and her guests were delighted and amazed at every turn. We’ve chosen three areas of the party to offer you some pink party inspiration and ideas should you wish to create a pink themed party.


pink themed balloonsNow, balloons are always a welcome addition to any party and our perfect pink party was no exception. What we love about using balloons is that they not only look fantastic but they also act in a way to fill the venue and ensure that the space never looks too crowded or too empty. We chose the classic globe balloon as we wanted the aesthetic and shape to match with the classic design and styling of the venue. We wanted to make the choice of balloons interesting and opted for a range of pink hues that were offset by metallic gold and silver. Throughout the space pockets of balloons gently swayed t the movement of the guest and each individual chair also had a balloon tied to it. The crowning glory of the balloon work was the spectacular sweetie table that heaved under the weight of the delicious treats, and was framed by a halo of the brilliant balloons.




Perfectly Pink Treats

On to one of our favourite parts of any party, the food! As always, our party stylists used the food to continue with the themed and brief of the pink themed party. transformed the food and venue into a circus themed feast. We created a feast fit for a princess, or maybe her older guests, where delicate macaroons with gold and silver edible balls on top sat next to sweetie jars with sparkling gummy sweets. Our fluffy cupcakes with pink fondant and gold wrappers looked beautiful next to the, edible popsicles and diamond shaped cookies – each individual element perfectly presented and complimenting the theme and scheme of the party.

Dining Table

pink dining tableWhat goes exceptionally well with food? Well, a pink themed dining table befitting of a pink feast! To continue the harmony and theme of the party we opted to use varying shades of pink and tones to create the pink dining table. Baroque white chairs were hand wrapped with pink roses, the light green and pink a subtle way to continue the colour coordinating. On the table a baby pink table cloth baby pink table cloth with a dark pink and gold strip to centre further added depth to the table.Enjoyed our pink party blog? Looking for the very best children’s party planners? For more information on our bespoke children’s parties and any other questions you may have, Contact our teams of bespoke children’s party planners today via 020 8502 9988 or info@lesenfants.co.uk