When deciding on the best gifts to give your guests, there
are so many different possibilities it can be difficult to choose the ideal
favour. This blog entry will focus on some of my favourites to show you a few
ideas that are slightly different to hopefully give you some ideas to use for your next party…

These beautiful cake pop boxes come in a variety of colours and could be an incredibly pretty memento of your party
I love these DIY bubble gifts!  The stickers can easily be personalised for your own unique message, meaning they can be used for just about any party theme!
A different but very beautiful idea in my opinion. Fresh strawberries and scones with clotted cream, these would be perfect for a garden party!
if you have your perfect gift in mind, and just looking for a pretty party bag then why not copy this beautiful design?  You can either make your own or simply decorate a plain bag using ribbon and natural twine. Would be great for a ‘shabby-chic’ theme.
I love these ballerina party bags made using tulle netting. Such a pretty idea, and a bag that i’m sure your little guests will want to re-use over again and again.
A different idea again could be these ‘cupcakes or cookies in a jar’. This particular idea has become fairly popular in the last year, and with the possibility to use any recipe it can be different every time. From my own experience, children simply love baking and will no doubt leave your party very excited to get cracking on with these homemade treats.
Following on from the jar idea… Popcorn is an incredibly healthy treat (with the right topping ofcourse) and is also great fun to make. Ofcourse you can add any topping you like.. melted chocolate and raisins, parmesan, sugar and cinnamon…I make popcorn almost every night drizzled with honey and a touch of salt.. messy but delicious! 
I found this photo about a year ago and have been dying to recreate these party bags.. however no one as of yet has had a party theme that I could use them for… I just really like them, such a fun a different idea! My little cousin Noah (he is 3) recently decided to attempt to leave home (he was grounded I think and in a huff..) and made himself one of these before asking my uncle to give him a lift to the train station, fortunately he changed his mind when realising he had no money but it gave me the idea of using these for a vintage train party.. I think the possibility of someone having a hobo-themed party in Central London is a little farfetched.. 
simply but lovely idea for an arts and craft party.
And finally these fantastic ‘Neverland/Lost Boys’ party bags. Such a simple idea that would look fantastic on any table. Ofcourse this idea can be tailored to any type of party just by simply choosing a different felt shape.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post, as always if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me on zahra@lesenfants.co.uk.

Speak soon!

Zahra x