After finishing the year still in a Frozen frenzy, we thought we would take a look at the hot themes and trends for the year ahead. After canvasing the whole team we drew up our top ten list below.

1) Balloons and flowers
Suggested by Lucy Carr (Senior Stylist)

With the much copied “House that Lars Built” free flowing balloon arch with flowers, this is trend that we feel will continue to grow in 2016. Integrating balloons with flowers to stunning effect creates magical decoration for any party; it almost looks like a work of art. Take a look at their website for a tutorial on how to create your own balloon arch and also for some other inspirational design ideas –


2) Movie themes
Suggested by Nicole Lintott (Finance Manager)

The children’s party market continues to be strongly influenced by film launches and 2016 will be no different. With Kung Fu Panda, Finding Dory, Jungle Book and Ice Age all coming out in 2016 these themes will become popular. We are particularly interested in Steven Spielberg’s BFG and the Disney Animation Zootopia. Star Wars is already proving very popular in 2016.

3) Party Furniture
Suggested by Paula Watts (Operations Manager)

With a move away from the plastic party chair and the well-used Ikea white wooden chair, our party hire company are excited to introduce a new range of children’s party furniture available in a variety of colours to make sure even the party tea table is as smart as possible. Take a look at our site for information on these as soon as they become available.


4) Hair Braiding
Suggested by Lauren Davies (Design & Events Assistant)

The Braid Bar in Selfridges has been a massive hit with our clients and their mobile service allows your guests to have the latest braiding styles at your own party or event. Braiding is a must for any girl’s party and we are sure this trend will grow and grow.


5) DIY
Suggested by Lauren Davies (Design & Events Assistant)

It is not only party planners that love to get creative, with Instagram, Pinterest and sites like Etsy parents are getting in on the act. You can now buy a range of printables which can be printed and made up in the comfort of your own home, giving your party that bespoke personalised touch. For those who want the look but not the work we can send out everything you need already made up.

6) Play date entertainment
Suggested by Helen Connelly (Event Director)
This is a recent trend we have seen in Central London. To keep children happy and occupied during play dates, why not hire one of our entertainers or craft/activity workshops to ensure you have the most exciting play dates!

7) Healthier dessert tables
Suggested by Katie Burnett (Creative Director)

Dessert tables have taken the UK party market by storm and have become an essential component. However, we have noticed clients asking us to make the sweet treats healthier, this included recently a completely vegan table. Watch this space as we take up the challenge to introduce our healthy dessert table.

8) Rose quartz and serenity pantone colours
Suggested by Katie Burnett (Creative Director)

We wait with anticipation the pantone colours of the year and this year we aren’t disappointed. As a team we already have a love affair going with soft pink but teamed with serenity the look is perfect for mixing boys and girls parties together, which is always a challenge to make the theme/styling work.


9) Desserts
Suggested by Helen Connolley (Event Director)

We continue with our obsession with anything that Nectar and Stone produce and we are hopeful that UK suppliers will continue to come forward to offer a similar service. From waffles, chocolates, meringues, macrons etc everything they produce is visually beautiful. Take a look at their Instagram feed for some amazing inspiration insta:nectarandstone.

10) Cake as part of the set
Suggested by Paula Watts (Operations Manager)

Our amazing photo shoots this year with Cakes by Robin and Julia Boggio definitely started a trend in using your birthday cake as part of the styling. No more cake tables, the cake is now an edible prop and very life like too!