There was plenty of excitement in the Les Enfants office this week as the Tour De France raced past just minutes from our office.

Crowds gathered with banners to welcome the cyclists who had made it to stage three of the famous race. The atmosphere was electric and reminiscent of the Olympic atmosphere back in 2012. 

But even though we were busy trying to catch a glimpse of the peleton, we were of course still thinking about parties!

Sport can be a great basis for a party, and if you’re having trouble thinking of a theme, you can always rely on sport whether it’s football, swimming or indeed cycling. With BMX’s well and truly back in fashion, and cycling a past time that never gets dull, a cycling party could be the perfect thing for your little ones. 

If not all your guests have a bike, you can rent them across the country and many companies also have all-weather routes for your party to road-test. 

If you’re based in a city and worried about the logistics, you can always organise a coach to take you to a more leafy destination to get the most out of your cycle. It’s all part of the fun and makes a great day out, that will of course tire your kids out too!

Just don’t forget your helmets! 

We’ll race you to the party

Want to organise a cycling party for your kids? Get in touch here and we’ll do it all for you!