At Les Enfants we are all about creating magical, memorable moments for your little ones to forever treasure. From the planning to the undertaking, each aspect of each party is meticulously crafted to ensure that each party is a special time not only for the birthday girl or boy but for all of their guests and parents too. A huge part of our parties is creating a visually striking and aesthetically appealing theme that delights the young (and not so old).

As you can imagine, aesthetics, design and that extra touch of magic are important to all of the team at Les Enfants. Design and space are two key parts to understanding how to use each location to its very best to create a one of a kind event that is lovingly tailored for your little one.

Design is a passion of ours and we are delighted to be working with The Baby Cot Shop, a luxury children and babies bespoke furniture and furnishings boutique that offers the world’s finest pieces based on the King’s Road, Chelsea. Company Founder and Director Toks has kindly put pen to paper and offers her quick, top five interior design tips for your child’s nursery or bedroom.

Space – The use of space is a key part of understanding how to craft a unique bedroom or nursery for your little one. When working with each client, I always seek to understand the room they are purchasing for or the one that my team will be designing. What is the layout? How well lit is the space? What existing features can be highlighted to produce something truly wonderful. By understanding the space we can start working on designing a layout or suggesting pieces that can complement an existing design.

Usage What will the space be primarily used for? Will it be a multipurpose space for work, rest, study and play? Or will it have a be for one activity? When designing a room and recommending furniture, understanding the purpose of the room is very important as we can choose pieces that complement each other while fulfilling the purpose of the room. A bedroom that will also be used for study understandably needs to be considered as a multipurpose space where the desire to play and study have to be balanced and juggled. Equally so, nurseries and playrooms must be crafted with their own use in mind to ensure that your child’s rooms are fit to be enjoyed in the manner in which they were designed.

Colour – The use of colour is one of the most important decisions to make when creating a nursery or bedroom for your child. Whether it is a new build or simply a question of rejuvenating an existing room, the colour choice is of utmost importance. Are you more traditional, do you go for blue for boys or pink for girls? Or are you looking for neutral tones that can pop with colourful furniture and pieces? The colour the room is painted in ultimately affects the ambience of the space as well as how other coloured pieces show up. I prefer to choose accessories first or a single item for inspiration, I can them pull our colours that will set the stage for the rest of the design. Creating an overall colour theme for the room allows those special touches to really take centre stage. Murals, paintings and elegant little additions can really lift and transform both a new design or help with the refresh of an existing room. 

Theme – Whether you choose matching pieces (fairytale castles, trains or enchanted woodlands that transport your little one to another world) or elegant, complementary colours and designs, thematic rooms really create a stand out design. Deciding the theme behind the room comes from understanding who the room is designed for. When offering our pieces and our interior design service, we always work with each client to understand the ambience they want us to recreate, for example an elegant space that reflects the parent’s personal taste or a serene nursery that invokes nostalgia. Ultimately, our goal is to create a welcome haven for rest or fun.

Pieces – Finally, and one of our most often asked questions is, what pieces would you recommend for my child’s bedroom or nursery? Luckily we are able to answer this rather easily. A good place to start is to have a look at your existing or most loved furniture. What do you like? What are you drawn to? What feelings do you want evoked in the space? For example if you are drawn to the traditional we can look at our French Nursery Collection for example. Go for the pieces and furniture that you know you and your child will like. By going bespoke and choosing your colour and your fabric you truly create something that is unique, personal and memorable for you. Again, depending on which room you are purchasing for try to choose pieces that have a similar style or theme so that harmony and balance can be achieved.

So, there we go! A quick masterclass in interior design and how to choose the right pieces for your child’s bedroom, nursery or playroom. We are also delighted to announce that The Baby Cot Shop would like to offer our clients a complimentary embroidered pillow of choice as a gift (terms and conditions apply) to all of our clients. Toks, the director of The Baby Cot Shop, can be reach via and do pop in and visit their Chelsea boutique at 408 King’s Road, Chelsea, SW10 0LJ.