For those of you who are anything like us in not having started your christmas shopping at all, (Zilch. Nada, not even a mince pie), here is a November present wish list to get you inspired.

With this list we have tried to cover a variety of bases for you, wether you are looking for your little ones, or your parent friends.  We’ve also included some crafty DIY makes if you are feeling brave and want to offer gifts that are truly personal.


How fun is this Fendi knitted monster hat?  If you have been reading our blog at all this year, you will probably have picked up on our love for all things fluffy and critter eqsue, and this hat with yellow eyebrows and it’s angry expression ticks all of the boxes.

Fendi Monster Hat

Suitable for boys or girls, this is going to add a little bit of urban attitude to your child’s outerwear.  They will be kept cosy, but look fantastic.  Check out the entire Fendi knitwear range for lots more monster pieces on Childrensalon.


Whilst constantly on the hunt for beautiful toys that, whilst fun, will compliment your interior decor, we came across this stunning cloud rocker by Maison Deux.  Made of solid french oak and 100% wool, your little ones can rock back and forth, in comfort and style.


This stunning piece is made in the Netherlands, and is reccomend for children of 18 months and up.  It is easilly cleanable, and so beautiful you won’t want to loose it when your children grow older.  Whilst on the Maison Deux website, check out their stunning wooden blocks and soft baby blankets too.


We adore this beautiful gold clock bag by Dolce & Gabbana, and know that your little one will too.  It is really a heritage piece, that can be passed from one sibling to the next.  Crafted in gold leather, with beautiful stud and diamante detailing, this bag will add a gilded look to the smartest party outfit.

Dolce and Gabbana Clock Bag

Obviously this piece is very high on the price range, and really only suitable for parents with a certain budget, but all the same, it is a gorgeous bag with an Alice and Wonderland style charm that, although festive, will work throughout the whole year.  Find the piece here, at Alex & Alexa.


You all know how much we adore Bonpoint.  They are an absolutely fantastic brand that offer chic and beautifully designed pieces across the year, and their Christmas collection is no different, with gold lame shirts, rich velvet red capes and stunning ruffled collars.  We could not resist these cat ballet flats.

Bonpoint Christmas

They also have a stunning selection of gorgeous fairytale crowns, with delicate floral wire work and crystal beading, and a fantastic range of chic circus mouse soft toys to keep your smaller ones happy.  Whilst you are on their website, do look at the stunning AW16 range for additional ideas, you really won’t be disapointed.


Ok, there are certain products that we fall head over heels in love with instantly.  This onesie is enough to make you want a baby.  Just to dress in the onesie.  Look at it.  It would be like having a miniature teddy bear to love and to care for.  This gorgeous piece is by The Animals Observatory, seen in this beautiful photo by and available online at Cissy Wears, and has proved very popular.

Animals Observatory Faux Fur Onesie

If out of stock there don’t worry though, we have scoured the web and found a site where they are still on sale. This gift is bound to please any parent to be, or any mum or dad who is looking for a new, cosy and stylist outfit for their little one.  We are almost tempted to buy a couple for the office. Just in case.


You know the age old joke that your children are bound to have more fun with the box their toy came in than the toy itself?  Beat them at their own game with this beautiful cardboard plane from Flatout Frankie.  It is priced very affordably (and would need to be, being cardboard and all), and will provide your kids with hours of fun.


The brand provide a range of fantastic cardboard toys, including blocks, a toy oven, a fuseball table and a ping pong set too!  Take a look at the entire range, and browse through many more gorgeous christmas gifts in the Smallable Christmas catalogue.


Ok, whilst we admit this is certainly not the most chic item on our list, it may well be the highest in demand. If you haven’t heard of Hatchimals, where exactly have you been?  These eggs require care from your child, and if looked after properly, hatch!  Inside each egg is a fluffy creature, think furby, and you are on the right track.


Hatchimals are hugely in demand, and are certain to be the Christmas toy of the year, so we are warning you now, it might take some serious leg work/internet clicking to hunt them down. But be prepared, if your kids haven’t already mentioned them, these eggs are bound to be on their Christmas lists by December.


Now the list for the brave, those who want to create presents for their loved ones.  We have popped together a collection of our favoruite DIY projects that we think are reasonably simple, yet create beautiful end products that each recipient will, actually, be pleased with.  No dodgy crochet tops here.


We came across these stunning crystal soaps on Kings Road last year, and admittedly, were pretty baffled by the £18 price tag.  Call us crazy, but that seems a little extortionate.  So here is a simple guide from one of our favourite bloggers, Alana Jones Mann, to show you how you can create your own to give to fellow parents who need to keep their little ones clean!

Crystal Soap DIY

All it takes is a glycerine soap base and colourants, you can purchase a mold too, or use any silcone baking tins or icecream containers you have.  The beauty of this project is that you really can’t mess up your colour combinations, or your cutting, as the more natural these crystal soaps look, the better!


Again, more of a gift for parents or friends than children, but still a stunning project, that, if created with time in mind, can last year round and add a wonderful injection of Scandinavian minimilism to any nursery or kids’ room. These wreaths are so, so easy to make, and can be customised to suit your recipient.


We start with a standard children’s hoola hoop, and spray paint white, or gold for a festive twist.  To add texture, we love twisting vintage ribbon or brown string around the hoop, secured with hot glue.  Use craft wire to twist evergreen foliage around your hoop, such as pine or eucalyptus and add extra details such as wooden baubles or pinecones as desired.


Who doesn’t love fudge?  This is going to please adults and kids alike, and is a wonderful stocking filler. We love this Peanut Butter Fudge recipie from Hope and Greenwood’s Sweets Made Simple recipie book. Whilst making fudge might sound a little daunting, once you have a sugar thermometer, it really is quite simple.

Sweets Made Simple Fudge 1

You can find the entire recipie on Hope and Greenwood’s websiteand all you will need to pick up is Caster Sugar, Evaporated Milk, Salted Butter, Double Cream, and Peanut Butter.  Let’s be frank, you probably have most of that at home already!  Once you have made your fudge, pop it in little celophane bags and tie with hessian ribbons, complete with miniature pinecones.

With that list you are pretty much set to go.  Grab your credit cards, dust off the wrapping paper, and treat yourself to a large glass of mulled wine.  Christmas is coming people, and it is coming fast.

Author:  Hannah Coates