Not a very exciting day to start the Blog really, with a day of administration. Invoicing, booking forms, contracts and generally dotting lots of i’s and crossing those t’s, all very important stuff when you are planning a special birthday party.

Finished a fantastic Toy Story 3 proposal last night, our favourite photographic agency created a wonderful mock-up of a green screen photo opp which both the parents and children will love.

I have to say I am getting more and more addicted to twitter, have found some fantastic new ideas on there, as well as some new clients, even better!

Tomorrow I have to get a Charlie and Choc Factory proposal out, this is very popular at the moment, also finalise a Be My Bear Sleepover Party for a very lucky Nintendo DSi competition winner and also start planning a party in Blackpool for another winner, this time from a fashion retail chain. Hope I get to go to the Blackpool one, will be a nice night away for me (normally looking after 3 children).

Anyway, first blog over and out, promise to make it more exciting and packed full of new ideas with the entries I post over the coming months. Plus if you have any questions on the “hot” themes, or want your party etiquette questions asked, please post here or email me

Bye for Now x