Here at Les Enfants, we love to keep our party styling at the forefront of fashion – watching trends and designing parties that really lead the pack.  We have a prediction this week for the next big thing – The Doughnut wall.

Paper flower walls, balloon walls, floral walls, we have seen the lot!  There is something incredibly appealing about having a beautifully decorated corner of your party that your proffessional photographer, (and guests too), can use a personalised backdrop for photos. What better than a wall that not only looks stunning, but tastes delicious too! 

Pink Doughnut Wall

In a Charlie and The Chocolate Factory like twist, we have seen Doughnut walls take centre stage at a number of high profile events recently, and we can really see why.  These walls are easy to set up, but incredibly effective.  They can be styled to suit any theme, and provide guests with snacks to help themselves to throughout the event.

All you need is Pegboard and doweling (found at DIY stores), a saw, sandpaper, clamps and the paint of your choice! 

Doughnut Wall

To begin, prepare an area to paint your pegboard.  Lay it down, and paint the desired colour. After Pantone’s recent 10 colour trend report for Spring 2017, we would reccomend a dusty pink, primrose yellow or mossy green.

Whilst your paint is drying, mark out the dowelling into 3.5″ sections.  Clamp them down to a secure table (be careful of your table – it is worth using a cheaper one if you are worried about marking), and saw the dowelling into these marked 3.5″ rods.  Sand the rods down to get a smooth, splinter free finish. 

Shabby Chic Doughnut Wall

Now, all that remains is to insert the rods into your pegboard and top them up with doughnuts. Voila! Easy!  But which doughnuts to choose?  Now that is the all important question.  Luckily, we have a round up of our favourite boutique doughnut bakers in London for you to peruse.


Crosstown are a fantastic doughnut boutique that have locations across London.  They make all of their doughnuts on site, from scratch, from the batter down to the jam fillings.  For the children, flavours such as Chocolate Truffle, Cinnamon Sugar and Vanilla Glaze are going to go down a treat.

Beetroot Doughnut 

But whilst you are shopping, don’t forget the adults!  Crosstown have a fantastic menu of more complex flavour combinations, such as Matcha Tea and Beetroot Lemon Thyme that will really get your guests talking.  Check out all of their flavours and their event service here.


Situated in Boxpark, Shoreditch, Dum Dums Donutterie is even more of a decadent affair.  With doughnuts piled high with toppings, giant 10″ doughnuts and cronuts, you really will please everybody.  Their flavours range from an intruiguing sounding Cornflake Honeycomb, classic Bannoffee and fruity Blueberry to an all natural strawberry puree ring.

Dum Dums Doughnuts

You could even order a 10″ doughnut to sit alongside your doughnut wall as the centerpiece, or the birthday cake for the lucky boy or girl!  Just remember to only order ring doughnuts for your wall, or you will be left with a lot of delicious spares.  Wether that is a real problem we will leave you to decide.


If it is crispy Cronuts specifically that you are hunting for, make sure to check out Rinkoffs in Whitechapel. Their Cronuts come in a huge variety of flavours, including Cherry Pie, S’more and PBJ.  The company also offers Cronut croque en bouches, and rainbow bagels too, so you really are spoiled for choice when it comes to ringed snacks!

Rainbow Bagel

Check out their full delicious list of flavours on their website, and make sure to look into their facebook page too to see all of their fantastic recent creations.

We haven’t just given you a guide to creating a doughnut wall, we have given you a map to fill it too! Frankly, we may have to start creating doughnut walls for here in the office – just for trying and testing purposes you understand.  Open plan offices were never going to last.

Author:  Hannah Coates