In celebration of this very new year, we wanted to introduce you to some of our absolute favourite Instagram feeds to provide you with inspiration for your child’s party, event, or life in general.  Sometimes we party planners need a coffee break, after all, and what is better than scrolling through feeds of beautiful photography with a well earned cappuccino?

As creatives, we find inspiration from a huge variety of sources and artists, wether they be florists, bakers or stylists.  Let’s be frank, in January, you need a bit of a motivation boost, what with the grey skies and persistent drizzle, and here it is.

@h.rebelAmazing Food Table Inspiration

If you know our work, you will know we are fond of a rather detailed sweetie table.  Stacked with cakes, candies and cookies h.rebel’s instagram feed is a delight for the senses and provides fantastic ideas for a wealth of themed parties and events.  Ran by 22 year old confectioner Heidi Gh, it is pretty obvious this girl is going places.  We adore her galaxy doughnuts, which went viral last year, and you can find the recipe for on Heidi’s blog.


@lamusadelasflores – Gorgeous Florals

Perhaps you are looking for floral inspiration for your event?  You want to find plants that are delicate, wild and rustic?  Look no further, lamusadelasflores has you sorted.  A Mexican florist providing decorations for weddings and events, this instagram page is chock a block with stunning botanical displays and rough bouquets brimming with stunning blooms.  Granted, it goes in the page’s favour that some of the beautiful images are accompanied by the store’s gorgeous grey pusscat.

Floral Table Display

@smudgetikka Kids Fashion, From One Who Knows

Smudgetikka, ran by fashion editor Linda McLean, is a wonderful feed full of gorgeous kid’s fashion photography and design.  Backed up by her fantastic blog, Linda’s instagram feed and website often give us sneak previews as to new collections that are coming up, fresh from trade shows such as Playtime and Dot to Dot.  If you are looking for ideas for your kid’s wardrobe, or just want to keep your finger on the children’s fashion pulse, this is the feed for you.

Smudgetikka Fashion

@historiasdelciervo – Sugar Coated Deliciousness

We adore this instagram feed by cook Julian Angel, who backs up stunning photography with full recipes on his website.  With choices including Blackberry White Cupcakes, Rose Cake with Strawberry Jam and White Coconut Cake, you won’t know where to start!  The baker runs popular workshops in Singapore, and we can see why!  His stunning decoration is backed up by delicious flavour, and his work has provided us with a steady stream of inspiration, and sugar cravings.

Julian Angel Cakes

@gemmacorrell – Illustrations for those in need of Laughter

If you are looking for a little chuckle on your coffee break, or a lighthearted place to visit after reading the morning’s Metro, @gemmacorrell will kindly provide.  Her feed is full of witty sketches that are often inspired by being a woman, the stresses of life, and pugs.  Yes, pugs. You may recognise some of her work from The New York Times and Hallmark cards.  We love Gemma’s illustrations, they are guaranteed to make us smile, and anything pug approved is fine by our team!

Gemma Correll


@ohhappyday – A Party Store Bursting with Colour

Take a break from the greys of January with @ohhappyday, a feed that gets some regular favouriting on our own team’s instagram.  Oh Happy Day are a team that run a fantastic blog and party sop full of wonderful tips on how to dress your party to the max.  If you love colour, balloons and lots of confetti, you are not going to be able to stop scrolling down.  We love their collaboration with @geronimoballoons, who draped the team’s studio in an inflatable wave, which brings us very neatly onto our next stream…

Oh Happy Day

@geronimoballoons – Inflatable Fun for Everyone

We LOVE balloons.  As party planners, how could we not?  These days they come in so many different colours, sizes and styles, and @geronimoballoons is making use of every single one. Ran by balloon artist Jihan Zencirli, this feed is brimming with inflatable installations, from rainbow bridges, to metallic columns and bus stops filled with blown up letters.  We adore their collaboration with @ohhappyday, which you can see below.

Geronimo Balloons

@aww.sam – Doughnut and Colour Aficionado

If after all of that you are still looking for more colour, and let’s face it, we can’t blame you (we are writing this post to the constant drip, drip of January rain), @aww.sam will provide.  This stream is ran by stylist and interior designer Sam Ushiro, and features a great deal of flamingos, unicorns, pop tarts and, you guessed it, doughnuts.  So pretty perfect for kid’s party planning inspiration, as you can imagine.

Aww Sam

@thefrugality – For the Days when you are Actually Trying to Adult

And finally for the days when doughnuts, unicorns and balloons just won’t cut it, and you are looking for some adult fashion (let’s be fair, whilst we love sugar in great quantities, we weren’t all made for candyfloss pink hair and colour pop nails), we love browsing scandi cool style on @thefrugality.  Ran by Alex Stedman, a fashion editor featured in The Times, The Telegraph and Marie Claire, this feed is full of gorgeous outfits that will help you embrace being that little bit older than your miniature party guests.



We hope that this post has provided you with some new people to follow, and are sure that this list will keep you inspired, liking and scrolling for at least one coffee break!  Enjoy, and whilst you are on instagram, keep up to date with our team too @lesenfantsparty.

Author:  Hannah Coates