I’m a party planner, I plan and organise parties for children, almost 7 days a week at the moment.  Last year my little one had a big Lego themed party and I pulled out all the stops.  This year he started early asking about his party and mummy has been so busy that I failed to do anything about it.  
We love having our parties at home but in February our lovely garden was just not an option.  So on route to school last week I had a quick brain wave.  Let Jake take a small group of friends to the cinema, followed by a trip across the road to Pizza Express.
Whilst walking to school I managed to get the 12 names of friends he wanted to ask, all the mummies were texted and replies came quickly.  I got home and checked what films were on and Big Hero 6 looked like a winner.  
So with two rows of cinema seats booked, and an area in the restaurant, my party planning skills and contacts came to the fore.

Now what do we need ? Invitations – How cool are these from Etsy.

Some cinema treat  bags full of goodies to watch the film.

A cake of course and I thought a cupcake each would be a nice take home gift. I found these images on Pinterest always a good starting point for inspiration.

Party bags, I love our canvas bags with personalised tags, filled with an activity book to occupy the children before their pizza’s arrive.

Pizza Express have said we can decorate so we are making some napkins, table centres, cutlery, straw flags etc.  Plus what party would be complete without balloons, love the large 3ft ones but also think the foil number 6’s are a must, especially as Jake is going to be 6!

All set then, promise to share some photos next week.

Lots of Love Katie xxx