As children’s party planners, we often stumble upon some incredible entertainers, from the best bubble artists to the most amazing singers.  One of the most popular types of entertainers that we come across at parties are balloon artists, some of whom are simply incredible!

There is just something about balloon art that fascinates everybody, from the youngest child to the oldest party guest!  We can all remember the first time we were handed a shiny balloon dog from a clown, often treating it with as much care and love as we would a new puppy. Until, that is, you wake to find it wrinkled and flat in the corner of your room.

Masayoshi Matsumoto Balloon Lizard

Balloon dogs and swords are all good and well, but before booking your entertainer, take a glance at the amazing work of Masayoshi Matsumoto for some fresh inspiration.  Masayoshi is an exceptionally talented 26 year old artist, working in Chiba Prefecture, Japan.

His balloon animals have caught the attention of the entire globe across the internet, and it is pretty easy to see why!  The all too often seen balloon party hats and flowers are replaced by mind bogglingly complex insects, reptiles and birds.  

Masayoshi Matsumoto Balloon Octopus

Balloon caterpillars crawl up balloon branches, red phoenix’s stretch their balloon feathered wings and balloon jellyfish glow gently in neon light .  You really have to see the work for yourself to believe it. 

Masayoshi started making his incredible sculptures seven years ago.  He was inspired by images of wildlife and nature, and wanted to see if he could create his own versions using only balloons.  

Masayoshi Matsumoto Balloon Snowdrop

Each animal or plant takes Masayoshi approximately two hours to complete, although more complex sculptures can take up to six hours.  Maybe not one to book for a party then – children are not known for their patience!

After finishing each incredible creation, Masayoshi photographs the piece for his website, and then, (you will not believe this), pops them!  We find it hard enough popping tasseled balloons at the end of a beautiful event, popping these beauties would be near impossible.

Masayoshi Matsumoto Balloon Phoenix

The artist does not accept commissions, or sell his talent in anyway.  He simply produces the work to be enjoyed, and then, very quickly disposed of.  

It’s all quite refreshing in a non-materialistic sense isn’t it? Perhaps this is the very reason we all love balloons so much – there is no way to preserve their beauty. They are big and shiny one day, shrivelled and dull the next.

Masayoshi Matsumoto Balloon Seahorse

For us, one of the most impressive things about these sculptures is that literally everything is made out of balloons.  There is no use of glue, ties or marker pens here!  The tiniest nail to the beadiest eye are all inflated and tied into the creation.

Whilst you might not be able to book Masayoshi for your child’s birthday party, London offers some pretty incredible contenders.

Masayoshi Matsumoto Balloon Jellyfish

We love the work of David Crofts, who has sculpted minions, superheroes and life size diggers for parties across London.  He even has his own T.V. show – Ballooniville, where children can learn and develop their craft skills.

We also adore Miss Ballooniverse – she travels across the globe providing laughter and fantastic balloon sculptures on her way.   Miss B has worked with an impressive range of clients including Harrods, and has been seen on ITV’s This Morning, Sky, and BBC TV.

To chat more about the incredible entertainers available in London, or to discuss booking a party, feel free to give our wonderful team a call on 020 8502 9988.

Author:  Hannah Coates