Welcome back to the Les Enfants Parties blog where we showcase the very best of our children’s party planners and more. In today’s blog we done our inner Ariel and go under the sea for a magnificent mermaid themed party.

This third birthday party celebrated all that are mermaids as our children’s party stylist transformed the venue into an underwater, aquatic space. We want to share our secrets of the mermaid party to inspire you to create an equalling thrilling affair. With this in mind we have chosen three elements to help you in creating your very own mermaid themed party.

Colour scheme

Mermaid Themed PartyNow, when you think of mermaids what do you think of? If you are anything like ourselves the seaside, shells, sand and the beautiful hues of the ocean are conjured up. We drew inspiration from a brilliant beach scene to create a wonderful colour scheme that would run through each individual element of the party. We wanted to use soft turquoise, blue and light greens to create a colour palette that would complement and enhance the theme of the occasion. By using these colour we were able to create a balance and harmony to the room and each colour worked brilliantly to offset the overall space with no one colour being too loud or impacting another.


mermaid cake What’s a party without a cake? Well, we can tell you that from our experience not too much! The cake is always a special part of any event and the custom made creation certainly played its part. The cake is always a fabulous way to create a focal point for a space and set the overall tone for the party. An soft aqua blue base featured handmade, edible shells, starfish and coral in a wonderful array of purples, blues and soft colours. What we loved about the cake was that the little touches, a hallmark of our parties, completely enhanced the base, a gentle nod towards mermaids without being too obvious.

Little Touches

If there is one thing that we love at Les Enfants it’s those special little touches that add extra detail and really bring together the venue. Again, we believe that when creating a party it is useful to think of all the little ideas and parts that can be related to the overall theme. Seahorses, coral, starfish and shells all formed the decoration on the dinner table that gracefully suggested the mermaid theme without using too many mermaids.

Like our mermaid themed party? How would you create your own one? Leave your comments below and let us know your thoughts!