Welcome back to the Les Enfants Parties blogs, where we enter the world of our luxury children’s parties and showcase the latest going ons of our fabulous teams. At Les Enfants, we love good design. From intricately decorated fluffy, frosted cupcakes, to props and staging that transform a venue that transports our guests to other worlds. With this in mind, we speak to Creative Awards, designers of bespoke awards for the world’s biggest events and ceremonies, about what inspires their designs and working within the events industry. Lead designer Jack kindly answered our questions.

Hi Jack, thank you for sitting down with us. Tell us a little bit about Creative Awards.

Physics awardCreative Awards is a family run business and was set up my my dad many years ago. We’re based in Hatton Garden and have been producing bespoke awards for over 40 years now, long before my time. We often work with events companies and businesses to help design their awards, from start to finish, and at the end of the process they have their very own, custom made award.

That’s great to hear. What are some of your favourite designs or works that mean a lot to you?

Well, it’s kind of hard to say. I’m sure, that like yourselves and your parties, we’re proud of each award we produce. Of course, some designs resonate more on a personal level than others, but overall I am proud to have assisted our clients in the creation of their awards.


Pudsey Bear by Creative AwardsOne of my favourites is the Sir Terry Wogan award for the BBC’s Children In Need. Growing up as a fan of both Sir Terry and of the show it was brilliant to be involved with the program and really rewarding to see our work being used for such a good cause.


Other than that, our award for the Institute of Physics is one I really like. It’s a really clean design, a rectangular column, and we brought it to life through engraving famous physics equations onto the body and lifting the look with bright colours. We wanted the award to capture the elegance and geometry of equations, celebrating the world changing contributions of some of the world’s greatest physicists.


Creative Awards work in the events industry like ourselves. What tips and advice can you give to other suppliers?

Good question. Like with yourselves, we understand just the huge amount of planning that, thankfully we don’t have to do, goes into creating events and parties. We’re just a small cog, one of many suppliers, that help to make the event successful. Working with outside contractors and liaising with different parties, I’ve learnt that the best way to help all go smoothly is through just being clear and sticking to deadlines.As you know, the deadline really is the party so as long as we do everything we can to make the very best award by the date it’s needed for then I am happy.

What’s your favourite part of your job?

My favourite aspect of my job is the creative element to it. More often than not we are working on around 80-100 awards at once so I am always in between designing, creating prototypes and helping the process to go smoothly. We have a team of around 8 craftsman at our workshop and I enjoy getting their feedback on the designs and working with them to choose the right material to make something special.

If you were 5 years ago. What would be your ideal kids party?

For me it has to be The Jungle Book. It was once of my favourite movies and books as a child and I’ve always had an interest in wildlife, jungles and travels due to it. I mean, even now, I think I’d enjoy a Jungle Book themed party. Maybe something stronger in the punch but the idea would be fun!

Les Enfants Parties would like to thank Jack and all the team at Creative Awards. For more information on all of their custom awards, you can reach them via sales@creativeawards.co.uk or via 0207 242 4020.