At this point you are probably all aware that at Les Enfants, the staff each possess a very sweet tooth. It is pretty impossible not to when, on a daily basis, you are surrounded by marshmallows, sweetie tables and a never ending supply of beautifully decorated birthday cake.

We are lucky enough to collaborate with a large range of fantastic teams, and this week we wanted to introduce you the the geniuses behind Spun Candy.  If you are a fan of lollipops, rock, honeycomb and fudge, this one most certainly goes out to you!  

Spun Candy Eye Rock

Spun Candy opened their first store in Covent Garden in 2013, and since then have grown across the UK and the Middle East.  This delicious sweetie company creates handmade, all natural, fully personalised treats that really stretch beyond the imagination.  With clients including Ted Baker, Burt’s Bees, and Virgin Atlantic, you know you’re in safe hands.

One of our favourite services is Spun Candy’s bespoke Candy Characters.  All you need to do is upload a selfie to the team’s website and they will recreate your lovely face in the form of a fully edible lollipop.  We think these would make fantastic party favours for guests, and would bring a very memorable personal touch to any gift bag.  And the lollipops certainly don’t stop there!  Spun Candy create beautiful flowers, shiny red lips and even dinosaurs!

Spun Candy Candy Characters

The team’s signature product is, of course, their many delicious flavours of rock.  From watermelon to soda pop, and with a huge variety of gorgeously intricate designs including snowflakes (I wonder which party theme these might suit), clowns and even eyeballs, you would be pushed to not find the perfect candy to suit your sweetie table.  

It is truly fascinating to watch the team create these sweets.  After the sugar, flavouring and ingredients are blended and heated, the rock mix begins to cool and can be carefully stretched, mixed and rolled from huge sausages to thin, intricate designs which are chipped into bitesize pieces.  We always wondered how candy makers get such tiny designs into sticks of rock no thicker than the width of your finger!

Spun Candy Rock

You can even test the rock out yourself beforehand (which of course, we highly, highly recommend), by picking up one of Spun Candy’s delicious mix bags here on the website.  And just in case you can’t quite find that perfect sweet, the company offers fully personalised candy, creating whatever you can dream up in your favourite colours and flavours.

The team also offer a fantastic range of other sugary treats, including fudge, popcorn, honeycomb toffee, croccante and brittle too!

Spun Candy Maker

Perhaps your little one fancies themselves as the next Willy Wonka?  Well, Spun Candy have that covered. You and your party can hire out their beautiful boutique store and learn how to design, mix, roll and hand make candy of your very own.  Under the guidance of the stores’ Master Candy Workers, party guests will discover the secrets behind the science of confectionary, sample delights in flavour tasting and be able to take home their own creations.

Their masterclass store is a stunning display of copper piping, test tubes and walls of sweetie jars that will delight even the oldest child (dads included).  You can check it out for yourself at 58 Wentworth Street, or by taking a look at this gorgeous video.

So you can see, wether you are looking for the perfect, personalised jar filler for your sweetie table, a delicious and unique lollipop for your gift bags, or even a one off candy making masterclass, Spun Candy are the store for you.

Find out more about the fantastic company on their website, or, when organising your party with your Les Enfants Personal Party Planner, just mention your interest and we will do the rest!

Author – Hannah Coates