Valentine Crafts
day is finally upon us. If you have been following my previous posts
your house will be decorated and your party food will be prepared
(perhaps..) and now your wondering how to entertain the kids, keeping
in mind the traditional game of ‘spin the bottle’ may not be best
day, for me anyway, is always associated with craft projects. Theres
nothing like saying ‘I Love You’ by creating something unique and
personal for your loved ones, something that money can’t buy. Below I have explained a few projects
for children to enjoy, and then a couple more tricky ones for you…

Beautiful, handmade, valentines bunting. With a little help from a grown up, this could make a fun Valentines day activity. Extremely cheap to create, and easy to do and once finished, your child will be extremely proud to hang this in their bedroom.
The simple instructions

Cookie Decorating.  A great party activity for your children to get creative. A sprinkle of Icing sugar,  a dash of food colouring and some small sweeties such as jelly tots, millions or chocolate drops work best on top for small children. Of course you can cut a few corners and buy plain heart cookies from any of the leading supermarket stores or you can bake your own using a heart cookie cutter.
Delicious sugar cookie recipe

Button cards. So easy to create, but really effective. Have a raid through your old sewing box and collect as many unusual buttons as possible. 

The kids can get stuck in stirring, and pouring  this sweet-smelling mixture and with just a few simple ingredients, they make a lovely little gifts for classmates!
Handmade soap recipe 
A few crafty ideas for the grown ups…

These beautiful ribbon-laced cards from Martha Stewart would make a beautiful card, or display if framed for around your home. Slightly more tricky, so I would keep this one for the grown ups.

Transfer your favourite photo onto a block of wood for a different take on popular canvas hangings. It does take a little while to do, however i managed to reduce a 6ft 6 man to tears with mine last year so I know from experience it is a great present! (see mine below)
There are plenty of written instructions on how to do this, but the easiest one is in the form of a video tutorial, 
I hope you enjoy!
I hope this entry has inspired you to get creative this Valentines day! No matter how you choose to spend it, I hope you all have a wonderful day and please let me know if you try any of my suggestions, I would love to see them! 
Lots of love and speak soon, 
Zahra xxx