Sometimes for a child, the most memorable thing about a party is the entertainment.  It is a very important element of an event, and can be as simple or as opulent as you wish!  Plus, it can give adults a well deserved break and a minute to run to the bar.

Wether you are looking for balloon artists, pet zoos or DJs it is important you consider the perfect kind of entertainment for your event.  There are a plethora of talented entertainers in London, and really, you are spoilt for choice – but where do you start?  With our breakdown, you can think about what would best suit your child, and their theme.

Balloon Artists

If you have younger children, from about 3 – 6, balloon artists will go down a treat, and can pretty much tailor their creations to any theme.  Nowadays these entertainers provide so much more than your average balloon sausage dog (although, let’s be straight, we still have a lot of love for an inflatable daschund).

Miss Ballooniverse

Talk to your balloon artist about the possibility of creating life size sculptures, such as palm trees or figurines for your event.  We have seen pirates, cowboys and dancers that tower over children, and really help set the scene.  Don’t forget balloon hats and wands, they always go down a treat, and allow kids to take a little something home.

Petting Zoos

Perhaps your children love animals?  Consider hiring a petting zoo.  There are a variety of petting zoo’s in London that house a whole host of animals, from cuddly critters like meerkats and rabbits to creepier crawlies like tarantulas, and snakes too!

Many of these zoos offer party packages that promise up to 10 animals of your choice, hand feeding, party games, masks and bushtucker trials too!  We would reccomend these entertainers for slightly older animals who are comfortable and careful when holding animals – 6 – 10 is ideal.

Bubble Shows:

Similar to balloon artists, but even better for toddlers and babies!  We all know how magically hypnotising bubbles are to younger children, and what better than a sea of tiny bubbles to entertain a child?  Many artists also offer the opportunity for the birthday boy or girl to stand inside a giant bubble – which you know will go down a treat.

Sam Bubble Man

These artists are perfect for outdoor events, and great for indoor venues too – just be sure to check that your location is happy to host a bubble artist, as there will likely be a little spillage.

DJs and Discos

A pretty classic form of entertainment, everybody loves a dance-floor!  DJs and discos are fantastic for most ages, but particularly older children and teenagers.  Having their own playlist will allow the event to feel special, and music can also be tailored to fit a theme.


Ask your DJ wether they will provide lights and a smoke machine – some even offer neon, UV options and foam machines to give your kids the chance to rave! All of these can make a party feel that bit more special, and really get everybody (including parents) in a celebratory mood.

Character Actors

After many, many, MANY Frozen parties, once thing we have learnt is it isn’t Arundel without Anna and Elsa.  Ensure you have booked in your character actors for specific themes to really see the children smile! 

Many of these actors offer sing-a-long sessions which really go down a storm, and help to break the ice.  Be aware that whilst some kids will adore life size Peppa Pig costumes, some will find them terrifying, so perhaps ask full-costumed entertainers to stick to one zone of your party to allow shyer children to keep away.


For a truly unique form of entertainment, consider hiring an illustrator.  These talented artists will sketch your guests, and give them each a truly unique, personalised gift to take home.

Illustrators each have their own very personal sense of style, so it is important to find one that perfectly suits your party.  For a girly sleepover party, consider a fashion illustrator, whereas a superhero party may be better suited to a caricature artist.  Either way, your guests will be delighted.

So you can see there are plenty of options you perhaps hadn’t first considered.  Give us a call on 020 8502 9988 to talk about our personal recommendations or zap over an e-mail to  We have a fantastic range of contacts and would love to help make your child’s party special.