Today we’re taking a journey into
the land of endless colourful opportunity… LEGO!!! What I love about this theme is
you can apply it to any gender! The endless options of colours and Lego characters
available allows for a completely bespoke party theme.
The timeless, instantly recognisable
blocks have built countless forts, pony stables and castles and what better way
to celebrate with a theme exuding fun and creativity.
Here’s a brilliant idea to
entertain the children; LEGO DRESS UP! From the hair to the outfits or even
yellow face paint, a Lego Dress-Up Station filled with colourful plain t-shirts
and black shorts provides the perfect activity to get the children involved in
the theme, bringing it to life.

Lego Sweetie bags are a brilliant idea. Again, the contents can be altered and the bag can be
customised with names and images! If you want to get really inventive, the bags
could be tied up with coloured ribbon holding pieces of different Lego as
weights. The balloons could be also weighted with Lego shaped blocks… I could
go on and on. The below sweetie bags by Les Enfants are adorable and unisex
with little chocolate Lego men and theme coloured jelly beans!

Right, so I know these jars are more of a party storage for the Lego pieces, but what if they were your party favours too? This way they could double up and add a personal touch for the children to take away with them to remember the party! Also, if you want to get creative you could make these yourself! Save Jars of all shapes and size (maybe pasta sauce jars?!) which you have used and would usually throw away, pick up some yellow paint and a few paint brushes and get creative! This way you can add different expressions, hair, names? You can even write the date of the party on the back as a keep sake! Or why not making this an activity for the children? Paint them all yellow prior to the party, and each child can decorate their ‘face’ to take home?! Endless opportunities here!!

I ABSOLUTELY love the different
expressions on these Lego cake pops. This is also something customisable for
your little one’s special day, you could even add little girl Lego hair! The
fact that the pops are also contained in a little Lego quarry is not only
inventive, but extremely useful! Once the cake pops have been eaten, the Lego
can be broken down for play time (with adult supervision depending on the age
range of course!)
Party invites for this theme can
come in different shapes and sizes depending on your budget! A well designed
traditional invite with a themed design is functional and easily changeable
depending on colour schemes. However, another option could be as seen below, containing
a little gift of Lego pieces to get the excitement and imagination flowing!
As stated, there is a real opportunity for creativity with this theme. Depending on the age range (you may need adult supervision for this) Lego building tournaments are a great way to get the children involved in nice clean fun! This could be tailored around the gender or interests of the birthday dude/dudette with a ‘build a castle’ competition or ‘build a house’ or maybe even a ‘build a racing car’! This can even get the children working together in little teams  for imaginative fun. 
Another great way to personalise your party is by these individual Lego boards! These boards can be what ever you want them to be… how about arrows directing the guests around the party? WHAT ABOUT arrows leading a Lego treasure hunt? This really can enhance any party for such minimal effort and cost. 
And just a taster of our lego party to come!

The main feature of this theme is
the flexibility it can provide, ensuring an individual and perfectly
constructed party which children can enjoy and interact with. The possibilities
and ideas are endless, just know, that whatever the child, whatever the budget –
this party theme is one to be enjoyed for all the family and for years to come.
Have a great week everyone! x
Images from;
Lego Plaque; Planted by Streams

Lego jars; Indulgy