If you know our team you will know how much we love musical theatre – we are event planners, we flourish with a little bit of drama! We recently were lucky enough to see School of Rock, the new Andrew Lloyd Webber musical, and couldn’t wait to share our thoughts with you.

Now, most of you will know the fantastic 2003 film School of Rock, starring none other than the rather legendary Jack Black?  How can this musical top that, you might ask?  And that would be a very fair question.  However, take it from us fellow firm Jack Black fans, this gives it a damn good go.

Composer Andrew Lloyd Webber is by no means new to tackling a rock musical.  Many of his plays have had a rock edge underlying in their scores, including use of synth in Phantom of the Opera and even the ‘King of Rock’ himself, Elvis, appearing in Joseph’s Technicolour Dream Coat.  Whilst, admittedly, Lloyd Webber might not be the first person you would go to for a classic rock song, his musical interpretations do work well on stage. 

The catchiest tunes in this musical will stay in your head for the journey back home, and thanks to Lloyd Webber’s melodies your kids may well take on the phrase ‘Stick it to the man’.  

There is also a beautiful group piece in Act 1, ‘If Only You Would Listen’, in which the children sing of their frustration with their parents’ lack of understanding.  The mix of structured choral work and loose rock music compliment each other fantastically, and sit well in a story line that follows a rock obsessed supply teacher moonlighting as a private school tutor.

What is most impressive, without a doubt, is that all of the children on stage play their own instruments.  That might not sound overly alluring to any of you with children under 6 who are currently learning the violin, but you really must go, see it, and, in the words of Dewey Finn, “have your mind blown”.  Your kids will leave the theatre feeling incredibly inspired and guitar lessons are bound to show up on this year’s Christmas list.

Speaking of Dewey, we have to say that the lead star, David Fynn did an absolutely fantastic job.  Whilst there is a definite nod to Jack Black about his performance, Fynn by no means tries to outright copy Black’s take on the character completely.  And who would dare?!  Fynn brings his own twist to the character, and, it has to be said, jumps around the stage with impressive cardio capability!

The end of the play is met with the same fantastic finale that we see in the film, a full fledged rock battle!  The audience are encouraged to clap along, the cast are adorned in leather, tartan and safety pins and the whole scene really does feel like you are at, albeit a very kid friendly, gig.

It really does come down to the children though, they are truly the heart and soul of this musical.  From their impressive chorus choreography, to their incredible guitar riffs, these kids will have you watching in awe from the word go.  If you have any inspiring actors or musicians in your family, this is the show to take them to.

Pick up your tickets for School of Rock here on the theatre’s website.  Secret top tip from our team, take your kids and arrive 20 minutes early, there is a small booth where they can get their hands on a fantastic range of guitars from industry leader Gibson.



  • Kids play live
  • Jack black guy amazing
  • female lead strong
  • music good
  • story line good