Our regular readers will know just how much we love all things uber creative, particularly if they are edible.  This week on Instagram, we came across a baking duo that blew our minds – and that is a tricky thing to do when one has seen (and consumed) as much cake as we have.

If you are looking for alternative cakes, cookies and confectionary look no further than the Tattooed Bakers.  No task is too big, wether that be creating a life sized, edible gingerbread house, or a very, very realistic homage to grizly artist Damien Hirst’s ‘Away From The Flock’ sculpture (for those not in the know, a sheep in formaldehyde). 

Tattooed Bakers Carousel

The baking pair’s Hirst inspired creation is a great deal more digestable, being made from rainbow vanilla sponge and raspberry jelly!

This fantastically talented duo is made up of Eddie Lebeau and Richard Amon, two inked up London based cake and food creatives. The pair offer completely bespoke, entirely edible art and like to push the boundaries far!  Lebeau and Amon have build up an impressive client list, including company giants Google, Disney and Marvel.

One look through their website gallery and it is pretty easy to understand why.  The Tattooed Bakers go from one awe-inspiring project to the next.

Tattooed Bakers Pikachu

Some our our favourite projects include a full size unicorn(!) filled with layers upon layers of rainbow cake and complete with a golden horn, an anatomically sliced Pikachu cake and a life size R2-D2.   In addition to their wonderful cake creations, the team also make chocolate treats, such as cassette tapes, troll dolls and golden pony unicorns!  This is really the team to go to if you are looking for larger, jaw dropping (or slightly edgier) cakes for your children’s birthday party.

The couple are self taught, both having creative backgrounds – Rich studied Art and Edie’s father is a chef.  The couple started exploring baking with a company called ‘Cake Doggy Dog’ in 2012, where they offered to create bespoke cakes of client’s dogs. 

Tattooed Bakers Skull

In the end they found this concept was too niche, and applied their realistic decorating skills to other subjects too!  And boy are we thankful.  In April 2013, The Tattooed Bakers were born. The business has been going splendidly and the pair have plenty to boast about, with A List commissions, TV appearances, press coverage and tens of thousands of social media followers.

‘We’ve made a cake for Mick Jagger’s 70th Birthday, a cake of an elbow for Guy Garvey (from the band Elbow) for The Jonathan Ross Show, we made a cake for Alex Jones that was shown on BBC Sport Relief this year, we’ve made dogs for The Only Way Is Essex.”

But when you have such an incredible portfolio of bakes, how can Rich and Eddie pick out their favourites?  

Tattooed Bakers Star Wars

‘We created a 30ft rum-soaked fruit cake Kraken tentacle at Festival No. 6 last year for Kraken Rum, and a kraken tentacle shaped petit fours that were served at The Classic Rock Awards last year.

The Tattooed Bakers are available for a huge range of commissions, and their bakes range in price from £200 to upwards of £3500, depending on size and complexity.  Their creations can be delivered anywhere in the UK.

So, if you are looking for a baker who will go well beyond the extra mile, and are hunting down a birthday cake to blow your guest’s minds, you know who our recommendation will be!