This is my first ever blog so here goes.

A quick introduction to you all, not only am I new to blogging, but to Les
Enfants. I have known Katie since our school days and through the
technology of Facebook and email, we have been able to update each other on
our lives since then. I am delighted to be able to help Les Enfants with
their online shop. Not only is this a fun and exciting area to source
product, I am so very grateful to be able to do this from home around my
two small children.

As this is my first couple of weeks with the team, I am now getting a feel
to our gorgeous products and where we will be adding new ones. We are
looking at adding more theming ideas as well as exciting party bags ideas.
We want the whole party planning to be as stress free as possible so look
out for our already filled Party Bags.

One more week before the children will be off for the Summer. Enjoy it and
hope the sun shines!

Jane x