As party planners, it is part of our job to keep up to date, and follow event trends across the globe.  Some of this comes through Instagram, and we have a few absolute favourite party accounts.  Today we’ll explore one of them with you – San Francisco’s Oh Happy Day.

If you have read our blog in the past, you will have realised we are pretty big fans of this California based company, who run a blog with fresh DIY party ideas updated daily.  

Oh Happy Day

They are known for their playful attitude, effective projects and bright colour schemes, and we adore everything they upload!

The blog was started by event planner Jordan Ferney, and has swiftly grown into one of the top craft and celebration resources on the web. Oh Happy Day features influencer ideas, practical party guides, accessible DIY projects, interior design inspiration, trend-making photography and the practical means to make it all happen.  Best of all, they do it all with a smile, and a ton of confetti!

DIY Balloon Doughnut wall

Some of our favourite recent ideas include this brilliant balloon – doughnut feature wall.  We adore how clever this design is, and those gorgeous colourful sprinkles!  To create this wall, the team used a projector to shine a doughnut template (which they have kindly provided) onto the wall.  

They filled the doughnut shape with double sided sticky tape, and attached blush and pink balloons.  The team then created sprinkles out of multicoloured balloons, and again, attached with double sided tape.  Find a detailed DIY guide, and the template right here.

printable gummy bears

Perhaps you are looking for something a little more simple, but with just as much visual impact?  Try looking at the brands ‘Printables’ section for a range of great, no fuss ideas. Simply print the design and style as desired!

We adore this Gummy Bear printable and think it would suit parties for all ages.  The team have cleverly demonstrated how you can use their template in a variety of ways, including as a gift tag or sticker for gift bags.  Personally, we love the idea of printing out multiple copies, carefully cutting the bears out and attaching together using neon ribbon – thus creating a gummy bear garland!

Giant Banana Split Party

The Oh Happy Day Team also have a great range of fantastic recipe ideas, including recipes that will stay in your child’s memory for years to come.  Enter, the giant banana split.  This beautiful monster is created by slicing a carpet tube in half, covering it in tin foil, and stacking on top of simple, handmade MDF stands, full instructions for which are here.

Once your structure is complete, you need to start on food prep.  The team recommend you have your ice cream pre scooped and ready in your freezer, and lots of bananas pre sliced. Rope in family and friends and fill the tube with a base of bananas, pop on the ice-cream, drizzle on chocolate sauce and top with sprinkles and cherries.  Be prepared, this will go down fantastically, but may result in a food fight – things will get messy!

Oh Happy Day Studio

If you are anything like us, you will LOVE a studio tour, and the team at Oh Happy Day have written a post all about their gorgeous space.  We adore this white, peg wall, and think it is a great idea as to how to keep a crafting space spick and span.  Take it from us, ribbon gets messy real quick, and they aren’t kidding about glitter – it might be shiny, but when it comes to tidying up, it really is the worst!

As you can see, this team has a plethora of fantastic ideas, and we really can’t encourage you enough to go visit their website, and of course, for a daily dose of party fun, give them a follow on Instagram.