Welcome back to the Les Enfants blog where we bring you the very best in our luxury children’s parties and more. In today’s blog we speak with designer Lalage Beaumont of Beauchamp Place, Knightsbridge about her fabulous designs and more. At Les Enfants Parties we simply love the fundamentals of food design and Lalage’s elegant mother of the bride  UK outfits epitomise timeless British design using the very finest fabrics.

What inspired you to become a clothing designer?

From a young  age I always remember that I have wanted to be a designer. My mother, who was a domestic science teacher, taught me the fundamentals of sewing and cutting patterns and always encouraged me to pursue my dreams. As I became older my love for design and fashion grew with me and pushed me into a career within fashion.

How did you open your own label?

Following on from my degree my first job in fashion was at British label Aquascutum who also sponsored my final year degree show at college. After Aquascutum I freelanced at Burberry before being approached by Aquascutum once again to be their head coat designer. I worked at Austin Reed and then moved internally where I started their women’s collection.  Finally, before establishing my own label I was at Mulberry running the Ready to Wear division and overseeing the design and development for clothing and accessories. So, as you can see I have worked for many British labels, always learning and experiencing new ways of design, before opening up my own label.

Who are your influences within fashion?

I try to draw inspiration from anything that I appreciate aesthetically. However, the great couturiers of the 50s and 60s, Givenchy, Christian Dior, Yves St. Laurent, Balenciaga have made the biggest impact on my career and my own style. I am also influenced by the smart, clean modern lines of the early 60s and, of course, by the wonderful and iconic style leaders from that era; Jackie ‘O’, Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn.

What does design mean to you in fashion?

I am very passionate about designing and making my collections in England. I believe in classic English tailoring, pieces that can be appreciated for now and forever. In terms of my style, I love simplicity of line, cut and intricate detailing to flatter women of any age or shape. Within my collections I always use the very best fabrics to offer create supreme comfort and style. I use beautiful Italian prints on silk cloqué and silk and wool matelassé (used only by the best couturiers in Europe) which are created in Como especially for me with  only a few metres ever printed ensuring exclusivity and individuality. Wonderful Spanish jacquards and brocades glow with the liveliness only fine silk can achieve and my textures are from English tweeds in chanelesque styling,

What would your perfect party be and who would attend?

Very good question! Well, I think that my attendees would have to be some of my fashion icons that I have previously mentioned. I would love to have a conversation with them and to understand how they see fashion and how they applied their ideas to their designs. In terms of a party, I would keep it very chic, modern and very British, maybe with a wonderful afternoon tea and some champagne.

Les Enfants Parties  would like to thank Lalage for offering us an insight into her designs and inspiration. You can view the latest AW!8 collection and more via www.lalagebeaumont.com