It is always lovely to leave a party with a little goodie bag, and when they are filled with home made favours, the gift seems even more thoughtful.  Read on to discover our top DIY guest gifts that you can create with your kids.

We would all love to spend more time with our families, and time spent away from screens is even sweeter.  We have scoured the internet for DIYS that we think both you, and the children will enjoy, and will also provide party guests with a little something special to take home.


First, to the actual Favour box.  We adore this bunny box from Les Enfants craft favourite Mr Printables.  With a whole host of shapes, we were spoilt for choice, but this rabbit’s bright pink bunny ears and beautiful eyelashes were just too tempting.  Mr Printables provides a downloadable template for users, and breaks down it’s construction into easy steps.

To print your own bunny box nets, and discover how to create them, click here.  Once you have made the boxes, consider filling with soft sweets, such as marshmallows, or even home poured chocolate carrots to stay true to theme.


Take the paper craft further by including paper nets in your guest’s gift bags too.  These simple bird puppets, also by Mr Printables, will go down wonderfully, and provide an activity for your child’s friends to enjoy after the party finishes.  They even come in different styles; toucans, flamingos, eagles, a whole menagerie!

Let’s be honest though, the most popular favours are often the edible ones!  We fell head over heels for these ‘Popcorn Hydrangeas’, from Oh Happy Day.  Simply wrap handfuls of popcorn in clingfilm, and decorate with stems, and raffia paper leaves.  For added effect stick floristry wire onto the leaves so you can bend and shape them.

Popcorn Hydrangea Favours

To finish, tie labels onto each stem with your guest’s names.  We also love the idea of in co-operating summery flavours into your popcorn for an extra surprise.  We highly reccomend the strawberries and cream flavour by the geniuses at Joe and Sephs.  Check out their website for even more choices, including Marmalade, Coconut and Peanut Butter too!

Speaking of delectable sweet treats, how gorgeous are these monogrammed cookies by Martha Stewart?  And so simple too!

Monogrammed Cookies

Bake up a batch of cookies, or buy them if you are pushed for time, ice and use Martha’s printable letter template when painting on edible gold lustre powder.  Don’t forget to wait for the lustre to dry completely before peeling off your template, or your letters will smudge. 

Now a favour the mum’s will adore (if they can get it off of their daughters) – this gorgeous ombre polymer necklace.  Simple to make, and great fun for children with a little help.  Simply create an ombre effect with Filo clay by mixing different quantities of white in with a chosen colour. 

Omre Polymer Beads

Pierce the beads with a cocktail stick, and bake, according to your clay instructions.  Finally, simply thread onto a waxed leather cord, and tie (with enough room to fit over a hand for a bracelet, or a head for a necklace).  Find the full picture DIY guide here on Delighted Momma.

As you can see, there are so many fantastic party favour ideas out there!  Consider tying your favours in with your theme for extra brownie points, and to really keep the crowd happy, fill goody bags with a range of gifts – toys, food, jewellery, fake tattoos, the key is in diversity.