If you are anything like us, you are picky when it comes to selecting the best birthday card for your child, partner, or family in general!  There are so many options now, a photograph of a fluffy kitten surrounded by cupcakes just isn’t going to cut it.

Personally, we love illustration, and couldn’t think of anyone better than Hello! Lucky.  Sisters Eunice and Sabrina Moyle created the brand, and have been making beautiful, whimsical cards since 2003.  Their designs are gorgeous, colourful, and are known to feature some pretty chuckleworthy puns.

Hello! Lucky Unicorn Card

We love this candy coloured unicorn card, with it’s fabulous message AND gorgeous pin.  The girls behind the brand aspire to create work that you will want to keep, and that you will proudly pop on your shelf, and perhaps later, on your wall.  We can just see a collection of Hello! Lucky’s gorgeous work stuck up with neon muji tape and copper bulldog clips, in a lovely, neat grid.

Hello! Lucky Cactus Card

Not only are these cards gorgeous, they are ethically produced too.  Eunice and Sabrina ensure that they utilize responsible printing methods and recycled paper and packing for every piece they produce.  

The company even offers a great range of online invitations and cards, which are just as stunningly designed, but are completely paper free.  You can completely customize your card with images and text, and even use a digital envelope for your guests to open too!

Halloween Party Invite

In addition to being ethical, the brand is very generous.  They have an amazing DIY section on their website which features some really great creations, including how to make your own coasters, candles and stamps too.  They also feature a range of wonderful free printables including party invites and cards too.

Today we are going to show you how to make Hello! Lucky’s gorgeous ‘I Lava You’ pop up card (inspired by the great Pixar short that you really should check out here if you haven’t seen it already.

Hello! Lucky Lava DIY Card

Hello! Lucky I Lava You Card DIY

To begin, you will need –

  • 8.5 x 11 sheet of blue or green card stock
  • 8.5 x 11 sheet brown card stock
  • 8.5 x 11 sheet white card stock
  • Printer
  • Scissors, or a craft knife, ruler and cutting mat
  • Gluestick
  • Liquid glue & brush
  • Bone folder (optional)
  • Pink and orange glitter (optional)

Hello!  Lucky Card DIY

  1.  Print Hello! Lucky’s gorgeous background template (which you can download and print here) onto your green/blue card, the volcano template onto your brown card, and the cloud template onto your white card.
  2. Cut out and fold your green/blue background template, and cut and remove the circle and cut around the palm trees. Fold along the light grey lines (using a bone folder if desired) to form a diamond shape with a tab for gluing.  Stick glitter to the asteroid (they used a neon orange).
  3. Cut out your volcano, cross bar and cloud.  Fold the glue tabs as shown by the light grey lines and cut small slits in the volcano and cross bar along the solid black lines. Glue & add glitter to the top of the volcano to represent lava (they used neon pink).
  4. Glue the cloud to the back of volcano.
  5. Slot the cross tab into the volcano and glue the tabs to the background.
  6. Glue the volcanos tabs matching the letters as shown in the diagram.

Hello!  Lucky Card DIY

You can find Hello! Lucky’s fabulous card range on their website or with selected shops, including Waterstones, PaperChase and Urban Outfitters.  We know where we will be picking up our next cards!

Author – Hannah Coates