So, unless you have been hiding under a rock for the past couple of months, you will have probably noticed the Danish term Hygge popping up left, right and centre.  Here at Les Enfants we have been wondering what exactly ‘Hygge’ is, just how you pronounce it without looking like a fool, and how could we embrace it in time for Christmas.

If you are anything like us, one of your favourite things about Winter will be cosying up to a warm fire, mulled wine in hand, in an excellently toasty pair of slippers.  If this sounds remotely like you, this post is going to make you very happy indeed.

Hygge coffee

What is Hygge?

Hygge, (pronounced hue-gah by the way!) is a Danish term that conveys the feeling that comes from taking pleasure from ordinary, or everyday things by making them more special. It is being aware of a small moment, such a lighting a candle, or cuddling up with a cup of coffee, and appreciating it in full.  Hygge also places importance on creating intimacy, celebrating reality and being present.

In today’s world of smartphones and technology, this is becoming increasingly tricky!  Whilst reading up, we thought what better than to host a Hygge party for your friends and your children, to help them disconnect from the virtual world, and really appreciate the beautiful Christmas season in full.

hygge cushions

How to Make Your Home More Hyegellig

To prep for your gathering, and for life in general (!), the one thing every good home needs is a nook, or a Hyggekrog (a cosy nook).  Bay windows make excellent nooks, fill them with beautiful, textured knit and wool cushions, like these gorgeous lambs wool cushions from Smallable.  Provide a range of warm blankets for your guests, we adore this marble effect tie dye number by April Showers.

If you are lucky enough to have a fire place, stack it high with logs, and light a number of beautiful candles. Keep these candles out of small hand’s reach though!

Nature is very important to a Hygge gathering.  Bring in vases of eucalyptus and cotton branches, use wooden boards to serve food (which we will very soon get on to) and be sure to smoother benches and chairs with sheepskin rugs, like these from Olive Loves Alfie.

Mulled wine

What Food and Drink should we Serve?

Glogg.  This really is essential for adults at a Hygge party – there is nothing that says December more than a steaming cup of spiced red wine.  We love this recipe, which is simple, and will fill your home with that delicious clove and orange rich aroma.

Bread is also essential.  We all know how comforting carbs are now, don’t we?  Snobrød is to a Dane what Smores are to Americans.  To make this easy bread, wind long strips of dough around a stick and gather around a campfire, or, indeed your fireplace!  Toast, twirling until it is golden brown and delicious.  If you are feeling extra hungry, add a spiced sausage too, Find the recipe right here.

As for mains, stews are very hygge friendly!  Slow cook those vegetables in meat juices until they are tender, and don’t forget to add dumplings too.  To finish, serve sticky cinnamon buns. The kids will adore them, and adults will be very happy too.

Toast slippers

What is the Dress Code?

If your guests are used to more formal invitations, they may want to know a dress code.  Boy, are they going to be pleased.  The most important thing at a Hygge gathering is to be as comfortable as possible. Kick off your heels, and take off those sequins.  Things are about to get woolly. 

If you want your family to look particularly Danish, you are going to need to don everything that is black from your wardrobe.  We love these gorgeous black pj’s by Snork Copenhagen, perfect for lounging about and keeping comfortable.  If you are looking for something a little less ‘Sunday’ for your kids, try the gorgeous ghost and moon print collection from Beau Loves. There are lots of cosy cardigans, wraps and beautiful dresses too.

For mums, check out The White Company’s new loungewear range.  We love their cashmere joggers and also adore this Alpaca pull over from Toast.  Dads, take a look at this fab wool jumper by Howlin in charcoal merino wool and top up with a ombre grey scarf.

For an extra treat, have a wicker basket of cashmere socks for each gust to pick from and take home to keep their toes toasty.

Outdoor party

Setting the Scene

Finally, play folk music, dim the lights, and enjoy long conversations, good food and wine. Kids (and brave adults) can be lead to play older fashioned games such as Hide and Seek and What’s The Time Mr Wolf, and enjoy toasting their Snobrød with supervision around the fire.

Remember, the most important thing about a Hygge get together is each other’s company. Turn off your phones (we dare you), put down your laptops, and disconnect from the world.  It is about long overdue we all spent some quality time together.

Author:  Hannah Coates